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It is not efficient to use manual processes to generate and offer webinars. There are some efficient tools for doing that more efficiently. WebinarJam is one of these tools. Among all the available items, this one is strongly reliable as a webinar hosting platform. It is already used by a huge number of users.


A Small Review of the WebinarJam

Web based seminars or webinars are very much popular nowadays. Marketers and business owners all over the world love to offer these seminars. And these are also very much useful for any kind of teacher, trainer, and presenter. Now the thing is, there are a big number of webinar hosting platforms. Some of these are very popular too. But WebinarJam is of course of the best platforms for this task. This affordable platform is full of some important features and benefits. Here are the review and pricing of the tool.

A Proper Collaboration

Without a proper collaboration, it is not possible to make any seminar more efficient. Many other tools are there in the market. Some of these say that these offers a proper collaboration. But actually these tools do not provide a proper one. Instead, these will never let you take full control over a seminar. WebinarJam, on the other hand, is a very powerful solution. Actually, a collaboration facility becomes very important when there are multiple presenter. This solution supports up to six co-presenters at a time. All these presenters will be shown on the screens at a time.

That is why, the audience will love to choose their suitable presenter. Each of these presenters will be optimized for the screen properly. WebinarJam will also let you make any presenter as the main one. And you will also get a power to choose how many presenters will be there. That means, it can equally highlight any one of them or all of them.

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Ensure More Engagement

Every top quality online seminar should deal with one common goal. That goal is to engage more and more attendees. Unlike some other ordinary tools, WebinarJam comes allows the attendees to join a presentation session anytime. If the attendees can ask some questions and be a part of a seminar, they will feel more comfortable. That seminar will loom more interesting to others. And that will be able to engage more attendees for a longer time. You can allow every attendee to share his screen and use his webcam. You can disable its attendee-only mood anytime. When it is disabled, every audience will be able to ask his questions and make his comments.

Active Chatting Facility

An efficient communication is a promise of this online seminar hosting software. WebinarJam lets the presenters and attendees to chat with each other. That is why, it is possible to make some public announcement during a seminar session. That means, it is very helpful for the one-to-many communication. But, we know that there are two other important forms of communication. These are, one-to-one and many-to-many communication. WebinarJam supports these communication systems also. For this reason, you can easily communicate with any of the attendees. And even, attendees can also chat with other attendees. Chat moderation option is another impressive feature of this software. You can use this option to moderate unwanted and disturbing messages. Even, it allows to ban any of these attendees. WebinarJam is also very much effective for the Q&A sessions.

Very Easy Streaming

Without a proper streaming facility, it is not possible to make any web seminar more popular. That is why, WebinarJam comes with a very impressive streaming facility. It has an optimized broadcast distribution system. By using this technology, this software support all kinds of live broadcasting on any platforms. Its broadcast engine is capable of streaming to every attendee on different platforms. Some of these platforms are Facebook Live and YouTube Live. And WebinarJam is even capable of streaming various events on a public or private network.

Instant Broadcasting Option

Express Jam is one of the best built in tools of this software. This tool is capable of going live in just 30 seconds. When there is a necessity of broadcasting any breaking news, this tool is very effective. It will ask for only six clicks and will require only 30 seconds. This tool is powered by a smart preference system. For this reason, your seminar will go on-air as per necessity. For example, WebinarJam offers a standard configuration facility. This system is very powerful and effective. But it will need 5 minutes to be ready. So, you have to choose the correct configuration among express and standard.

WebinarJam Pricing and Plan

This webinar hosting software was very costly in past. To purchase this one, a customer had to pay a price of $720 per year. Compared to that situation, WebinarJam has become more affordable now. If you choose its yearly subscription system, then only $479 should be paid. That means, in a yearly billing system, it is possible to save 33% of its original payment. Sometimes, it may not possible for a person to make its full payments. In these cases, 3 or 4-installment system is a good solution.

If it is purchased with a 3-installment policy, then 189 USD should be paid per installment. Similarly, in case of the 4-installment system, only 149 USD should be paid per installment. All these WebinarJam pricing information has been mentioned as per this post creating date. By default, WebinarJam supports 500 attendees. But a customization facility is also there. That means, it is possible to customize the number of presenters and attendees.