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You may know that the cloud servers are offered by so many companies because all types of websites need such servers as the hosting solution. The VPS.NET Company provides instant cloud servers for the hosting of client websites.

If you are interested in the reseller hosting then the reseller hosting plans of the VPS.NET can be chosen by you. The attractive features of the VPS.NET cloud servers and the reseller hosting have been highlighted here. From the above discussion, you will get the ideas about why this company is highly popular.

Choose VPS.NET for Buying Cloud Servers

With the cloud servers, this company includes the backup service and this facility is very effective for the protection of the contents of the targeted websites. The cloud servers offered by this company can be controlled by different types of operating systems like the Windows, Ubuntu and CentOS. So you just have to choose the suitable operating system for controlling the instant cloud servers of VPS.NET. Uptime rate is another very important thing for any kind of cloud servers. So this rate needs to consider before purchasing such servers. The VPS.NET offers constant and high uptime rate for the servers and this company guarantees that the uptime rate will be constant all the times. By using the live chatting facility, you will get instant answers to all your questions from the VPS.NET team.

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Attractive Features of Cloud Servers

Various types of licenses are offered for the cloud servers of the VPS.NET and the price depends on the number of nodes you choose. If you choose just one node, then you will get 512MB RAM with 3TB bandwidth. The size of the disk drive of this plan is 10GB and you have to pay only 15USD for each month to enjoy this plan. If you choose the power plan for one node, then you will get 1GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth for monthly 25USD.

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Cloud Reseller Hosting Features

If you are in the group of those persons who want to resell the cloud server nodes to other clients then VPS.NET welcomes you. With the reseller hosting facility, this company includes the necessary software which will help you to get and monitor the billing information on reselling the server nodes. No need to buy the SSL certificates instantly if you become the reseller server of this company because SSL certificates are provided with this product of VPS.NET. Another attractive thing about VPS.NET Cloud Reseller hosting is it includes almost two hundred different types of templates which can be used for the servers of different customers. The control panel offered with each of such server of this company is very powerful but easy to use. So you will be able to control your allotted server to have very fine reselling experiences.