Support Section Details

Product related support will be given by the specific product merchant. And we provide specific types of support which includes product discount and cashback offer.

How to Get Support

If you want to contact our support team, then there are basically 2 options. One common option is to contact us using the form. We do not offer direct calls, but we are available through the email 24/7 which is the second method of support. You just simply email us at our email address and we typically will reply you within 24 hours. The support team may contact you depending on the position of your queue.

Support Help

Nowadays, almost very companies, shopping centers, service agencies has customer support facilities. Their customers can easily contact the support teams. Different types of ways are there to contact them. In most of the cases, these companies offer one or more telephone or mobile numbers of their support stations. Some of these phone numbers are kept open 24/7. In some cases, these numbers remain active only during the office hours. Instead of calling a support team, you can send an email. Their email accounts can easily be found on their websites. Similarly, lots of companies offer live chatting facilities on their websites and on their social media pages.

How Cookies are Stored in Browser

We click the “remember me” button while logging in to any website with some account details. Instantly, the browser saves our ID name and password. It saves these as a text file named cookie. Similarly, a browser can also save some other cookies with and without our knowing. For example, it is capable of saving the data regarding every site that a user visits. On every site that is visited, there can be some advertisements and URLs of other sites or pages. These data about other sites can also be stored by a browser. And, there are some temporary cookies that a browser saves for a limited time. It automatically removes these cookies when a user closes the browser.

How to Clear Browser Cookies

No matter you use mobile phones or computers, you must use web browsers. These browsers saves some files regarding your interactions with different websites. Some of these data are not that much confidential. But, some personal data can also be stored. Every browser has a built in facility to remote these files named cookies. For an example, Google Chrome offers a dropdown menu where you will find the “clear browsing data” option. From there, you can easily delete the cookies. Similarly, most of the other browsers also have similar facilities to remote these unnecessary files. There are some extensions and tools that can do this task more effectively.

So if you like to know more, visit our support section for more details. We are also open every day to respond to your comments.