SERPWoo Amazing Pricing, Get the Latest Review

Persons who deal with the search engine optimization or try to increase the search engine ranks, must know about SERP. As the response of keyword queries, the search engine provides some results. The listing of those results is called SERP or search engine result page.


SERPWoo Review and Features

For every targeted keywords, you can monitor the SERPs. But the manual process of this task is very time consuming. That is why, you can use the SERPWoo which will do this task for you. This SERP results monitoring solution can use for dealing with a long list of keywords. All the features and pricing plans of this product have been summarized in this review.

Advanced Rank Tracking

This product is ahead of various traditional rank tracking solutions. Most of the ordinary tools can deal with only a single domain and detect rank of that from Google results. But the SERPWoo can work with the top results of all the keywords you target. Reverse engineering capability is one of the finest and most effective features of this product. For making the results more efficient and understandable, this product can take help from various data feeds. Those datafeeds will be implemented from different 3rd party tools like SEMRush and Majestic and others. SERPWoo can use to find the new competitors and SEO strategies followed by them.

serpwoo review

Amazing Signup Pricing

Various signup plans of SERPWoo are available and according to your necessity, you can choose any of those. Copper Plan is the lightest one which can purchase by USD 24.95/month. This plan is actually for tracking only 200 different keywords. The Bronze License contains the SERP Archiving feature. This license is for tracking SERP results for 750 keywords. The price of this license is USD 49.95 per month. Both the Silver and Gold plans of SERPWoo has the mobile tracking features. The monthly cost for Silver License is $99.95. And that of the Gold Plan is USD 199.95 only. The first one is for dealing with 2000 keywords and the second one is for 4000 keywords. You can pay the price of the chosen plan by various payment gateways like Master Card and Visa Card etc.

Supports ORM Campaign

SERPWoo can use for proper ORM campaigns. Tagging of different types of URLs can be done with the help of this product. It will offer you the local SEO map for the region you stay. URL or domain monitoring program of this tool is very impressive. This one has very impressive built in keyword research tool. So you can detect completely friendly keywords by using SERPWoo. Anytime new WEB platform can arrive and ordinary tools will not work on those platforms. But this one can discover and work with those very easily. That is why this search engine rank page monitoring solution is strongly recommendable.