SendGrid Exclusive Pricing : Get Review of Email Marketing

You can choose the products and services of the SendGrid for better email marketing and delivery rate. For the betterment of your business, such services are very much important. But more important is to choose the reliable solutions.

The solutions of SendGrid company are available with all the important features. So you can easily rely on those. Among various plans of each of the solutions, you just have to choose the right one for you. The products and features of this company are described below.


SendGrid – Email Delivery and Marketing

One of the most popular solutions offered by this company is the email marketing solution. It is available with very much efficient mail delivery platform. You may need to send thousand and a thousand emails in very month. In this case you can take help from this platform. So you will be able to get in touch with all the customers of your business organization. The email marketing solution of the SendGrid will ensure that your emails have been delivered perfectly. You will be able to know about the feedback of the recipients also.

Spam checker tool of this solution will never let the emails to be considered as spam. Its email authentication program is also very much advanced. TLS support is another great advantage of this solution. If the recipient ISP also has the TLS support then your sent emails will be protected by strong encryption system. Even if they do not have the TLS support, still the sent mails will be secured by the powerful infrastructure.

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Email Marketing Solution

Various templates have been offered by SendGrid. You can use these templates for creating the emails very easily. Very easy to use editor can use for customizing the emails with various contents. The scheduled delivery system of this solution will impress you a lot. A mailing list can be created very easily with the help of the list management tool. You can choose the Silver plan which includes 100 thousand email volume. Its monthly cost is only $258.95 according to February, 2015. Gold and Platinum plans are also very much attractive.

Transactional Email Delivery

When you will work with a large number of subscribers, it will be difficult to check the deliver reports. But if you have the Transactional Email solution of SendGrid, you can do this task very easily. For improved deliverability, it uses various IP, spam monitoring and other facilities. Real time reporting and security systems are also important for the better delivery performance. You can easily check the email delivery report by using the mobile app offered by SendGrid. For monthly 40 thousand email credit, you can choose the Bronze plan for $9.95/month. Silver Plan is available for $79.95/month and it is for monthly 100 thousand email credit. Gold and Platinum plans are for more monthly email credits.