Positionly Platinum Review | Get Pricing to Ensure More Traffic

Without ensuring more traffic, you cannot make your website more popular. And then increment of the sales cannot be done easily. There are already huge competitions running all over the world. So you have to make bring more visitors to the website by using proper marketing software. Positionly perhaps the software one may look for.


Review and Features of Positionly Platinum

Positionly Platinum can suggest the user all the necessary things about marketing and bringing more traffic to the targeted site. Among different plans of this software, the Platinum Plan is the largest one. In this short review, the price and all the features of this product have been discussed.

Efficient Competitor Analysis

Tracking the ranking and competitor analysis are two most important features of the Positionly Platinum. By detecting the ranking for your website, you will be able to know that should be improved or not. This solution will provide you result for not only global search engine but also local engine. There can be different types of traffics such as organic traffics and paid traffics. These data will be recorded by this inbound marketing solution perfectly. It can easily be integrated with the Google Analytics. Platinum Edition of Positionly has the capability to detect the rankings of all the competitors. Then it will let you compare the results of those without your website. The performance of the competitors can easily be analyzed to buy this amazing tool.

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Web Page Optimizer

After buying the Positionly Platinum, you don’t have to purchase additional tools for optimizing the web pages. This software has built in website optimizer which will let you solve the common problems with the web pages. So those will perform better than ever. It will actually let you make those pages complete search engine optimization friendly. The reporting capability of Positionly Platinum is very impressive too. It will create the necessary report on the campaign automatically. That means it will save so much time. And of course, you will be allowed to customize the report with different editions and branding.

Platinum Plan Pricing

Actually the Positionly Platinum is undoubtedly a large plan which is for SEO Agencies. That is why you have to pay more for it. If you want to purchase this for one month only, the cost to you will be $499. That is why it is best to purchase this for a whole year. In this case the monthly price of it will be $399 only as of the time when this post has been written. After purchasing this, it can be used by the team of 100 different users. This product has the capability to work with 12 thousand keywords. It will let you compete with 500 different competitors. Generating 150 thousand backlinks is another very impressive feature of the Positionly Platinum. Before purchasing it, you can enjoy the 14 day trial edition without any fee.