Payment Methods & Processors

The payments are automatically processed by the specific payment processor. After you have put the necessary information mentioning your name, email, other details and a valid credit or debit card, your order should be processed right away.

Order Process

After clicking on our our link, most of the time it redirects you to the product page. After selecting the product, you go through the checkout cart and make the payment. The payment is handled through the payment processor. Some merchants use affiliate network who has their own payment processor. While others use in-house affiliate program which also integrates with certain processor. After you make the purchase, the order is tracked and we get the sales credit.

payment methods

How to Make Online Payments

PayPal is a very popular name for any kind of online payments. Almost every eCommerce site and shopping station support PayPal payments. In some countries, PayPal service is not available. In that case, different other methods and processors are available. Visa and MasterCard are two other popular payment gateways. American Express, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and eWAY, etc. methods have so many users too. Amazon, AliBaba, Daraz, and eCommerce sites support these payment systems to get any fee. Similarly, you can access some services and digital goods like, hosting, domain, and software license, etc. You may buy them using PayPal and other options. Generally, all these platforms process every payment request very quickly.

When Can I Download the Product

If you are purchasing a digital product, after purchase you should receive an email from the product developer about the download details. There you should find the download link and other information about the product. If you have purchased a physical product, you should also get an email from them mentioning the delivery details and schedule. In case if you haven’t received the email, please wait for a few minutes and check your spam folder. If it is not available there, then you may contact the merchant.