Painter X3 Review : Coral Painter with Some Amazing Features

Painter X3 is one of the effective software products by Corel. This software is designed with the section of painting any program. It ensures a flexible way to complete a professional level painting project with the built in tools and effects.

Painter X3

To ensure the professional level painting program, Corel has provided an effective software product named as Painter X3. It uses the Real bristle technology for supporting the painting mechanism. It is eligible both for Windows and Mac OS system. The application allows more than hundreds of brushes, painting effects, textures and essential tools. Besides, the painting tools can be customizable with the user’s choice. Moreover, this software is suitable with the photoshop. User can use the helpful and effective features of the Painter X3 in a systematic way. It allows many beneficial brushes, painting tools, textures as well as the RealBristle technology. Besides, it is suitable for the Photoshop and the Wacom tablets. Beginners can make the best use of these features with their facilities. These features and their components are:

painter x3

Running Platform

Painter X3 is compatible for various OS platforms. User can use this in their Windows OS or in the Mac system. Besides, this product is also used for the open free OS. That’s why, you can use this in your Tablets and latest smart phone also.

Advanced Brush System

Painter X3 allows a huge amount of built in brushes with the customizable facility. To identify any specific brush, the user has to type the name of the brush. Besides, the painter brushes can be shared through the email or online messaging system. You can customize the effect of the brush according to your need.

User can select any brush from a library of Painter X3. There is a huge amount of brushes for different choice. To find out any specific one user has to type the name or the properties of that brush. Besides, you can optimize the brushes or edit them by using some clicks. The new form of the brush allows the user to highlight on the special section of the painting. Moreover, the advanced level editing format can be applied with the brushes. The addition of Jitter brush applies the facility to resize, angle and other effects.

painter x3 review

Reference Image

To add the inspiration in your painting, you can use the reference images within the interface. To work with it, you have to insert the reference image on the screen. Then you can change the reference colors without creating any change of the main workflow. Besides, the cloning system is also allowed in Painter X3. After choosing the source image, user have to add the clone source data to the main file. Then the change of the main file can be previewed to the viewers.

Colors, Layouts and Cloning Effects

User can choose the required color from the library of the colors and apply them in the desired place. Besides, you can combine two or more colors to get a variation in the painting project. In the layout selection format, you can choose multiple layout from Painter X3 at a time. You may take help from the preview option after making any change of the color. Moreover, in cloning section, the user can make any change in the source code to edit the main project file.

The user may use multiple layers at a single time in the source file. Besides, a huge amount of colors can be applied with the customization facility. The memory organization system is very systematic  in Painter X3. All these effects save the time of the users.

Customizable Texturing

You can convert your paint program into a new level by providing the texture as well as the details about the project. By using all these efficient tools you can create an exceptional artwork.