Nevron Vision for SSRS Review : Get the Exclusive Pricing

In the servers, special databases can be used for large amounts of data analysis. Microsoft SQL Server includes several software systems. One of those is the SSRS. The full form of this is SQL Server Reporting Services.

Summary of Nevron Vision for SSRS

This one can be used for creating such databases which will deal with high amount of data. This software system can offer very impressive reporting facilities. On the other hand, the Nevron Vision for SSRS can be used for enhancing the visualization capabilities of SSRS. The features and flexibility of this suite will impress you for sure. In this post, I have mentioned which features are offered by this acclaimed product.

Nevron Vision for SSRS

Reasonable Pricing Options

The Nevron Company has amassed so many features in this product. But the pricing has made this more advantageous. Just like the other products of the same brand, three types of licenses have been offered for this one also. Perpetual License of it can be enjoyed by $1239 only. Many users love to get the Subscription License with which 12 month upgrade facility has been included. Cost for this one is USD 589 only. But the most attractive and highly recommendable option is the Nevron Vision for SSRS with Subscription pack. It includes not only the subscription facility, but also the Perpetual License. According to November 4, 2015, price of this license is $1589. With all these three packs, four different software systems or web parts have been included.

Barcode & Chart Tools

For creating the linear and matrix barcodes, the Barcode for SSRS is very much impressive. The barcodes should be integrated with all the necessary data. This tool of the Nevron Vision for SSRS is very much efficient to do that. Fact is, no barcode system has been integrated with the SSRS. That is why, this tool will provide extra facilities there. The Vision for SSRS also contains the chart creating item. Considering the exact data, this tool will provide various types of 3D and 2D charts. For any kind of presentation and other purposes, those charts can also be used. Moreover, very impressive visual effects can be used for making those more attractive.

Nevron Vision for SSRS review

Create Maps & Gauges

Nevron Map has also been added to the Vision for SSRS. Sometimes information maps can be necessary for the projects. In those cases this tool will create very impressive maps integrated with all the data. It can analysis the geospatial data to provide the necessary output. Sometimes, the Gauges will do various tricks. For example, the numeric display of data can be very much urgent. State indicators enhance the reporting system of the SQL Server Reporting System. That is why the Nevron Vision for SSRS provides a very efficient gauge creation solution. For showing the mission critical data, this tool the most effective solution.