Nevron Vision for SharePoint Pricing, Check Amazing Review

The Microsoft Office Server supports several applications and application platforms. SharePoint is one of the platforms which are included in the MS Office Server. And this product is the combination of the features of several individual applications.

Overview of Nevron Vision for SharePoint

In any SharePoint Page, different types of reports are needed. Dashboards are also very important those. To author these, you can use one product of the famous Nevron Brand. That product is the Nevron Vision for SharePoint. It can consider as the suite containing various products of the same brand. Let’s see what is offered by this amazing product:

Nevron Vision for SharePoint

Charting & Mapping Solution

Various web parts have integrated in the Vision for ShrePoint. Very advanced charting web part is one of those. This solution supports not only the 2D but also the 3D charts. Built in data analysis tool is one of the best features of this solution. For any kind of charts, it is very important to use different visual effects. That is why this web part has some amazing visual effects. The Nevron brand provides the charting and data aggregation engines. This product combines the features of both these engines. Vision for SharePoint also offers Map for SharePoint. This web part is actually an amazing choropleth map creating solutions. Using the data, this tool can create proper maps. The visual quality and all the other properties of the outputs will be very impressive.

Barcode & Gauge Tools

In the SharePoint pages, several types of barcodes can use. For displaying those, the barcode displaying web part has attached to the Nevron Vision for SharePoint. All the commonly used barcodes will show by this tool virtually in the SharePoint pages. For monitoring the critical data, it is very important use several types of gauges. With the support of radial as well as linear gauges, this suite provides the Gauge for SharePoint web part. This tool is very much efficient and fast working solution.

Nevron Vision for SharePoint review

Three Different Pricing Plans

From the above discussion, it can be understood that the Vision for SharePoint is the combination of four components. Those are the Gauge, Map, Chart and Barcode of SharePoint. All these four tools are individual products of the Nevron brand. Now, this site has come with three pricing plans and each of those are attractive. You can purchase the Perpetual License of it by only $1699 as per this post creation time. The Subscription Renewal License of this product has also been offered. To get this, you have to pay $899 only. With this one upgrades and support facilities have offered for one year. The most powerful option is the Nevron Vision for SharePoint with Subscription. The cost for this is USD 2299. Actually, this license is the combination of the perpetual and subscription renewal licenses.