Live Leap Pricing and Review

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live leap review

There is no doubt that Facebook Live has become very much popular in a quick time. This platform also has opened the door for the online marketers. They can easily promote their products by using this facility. If you can syndicate Facebook live stream, that will be so good for the promotional campaigns. There are a few reliable solutions for this task. Live Leap is one of the best among these tools.

Live Leap Pricing

Live Leap Complete Syndication Solution comes with so many features and facilities. But, its price cannot be considered as so high. According to this post creating time, it is available for only 297 USD. There is no monthly or yearly recurring fee with this license. After considering all the features of this product, everyone has to like its price. But still, some people may think a bit uncertainty about its performance. That is why, Live Leap has a 14-day money refund policy. So, there should not be any uncertainty left. A top class user support facility has made this solution even more useful.

live leap pricing

Live Leap Features and Review

It is not a difficult task to start a Facebook Live session. If you want to promote a business or product with that, then that must be watched by so many people. But, if that is shared only on your timeline, it may not possible to get a huge audience. That is why, syndication is very much important. That means, that live stream should be syndicated with various groups and pages. To complete this task, Live Leap is a very efficient solution. It is a full-featured Facebook Live suite. Enjoy all the cool LL features with our review. Our pricing will be helpful. Let’s have a look at its main features and facilities:

Syndicate Various Networks

Normally, we can broadcast a live stream on Facebook very easily. These live streams can also be syndicated among various other social networks. Some of these networks are Twitter and LinkedIn. This solution is also capable of dealing with several Facebook pages and groups. When you will go for FB Live, it will automatically syndicate that session to these pages and groups at the same time. Live Leap can also deal with the targeted audience. When a live stream will start, it can automatically send some alerts to these people. For giving these alerts, this solution can send some emails as well as SMSs.

Manage the Comments

When you will go live, there will be so many audiences from various networks. They can give their valuable comments. It is very important to manage these comments properly. Live Leap will help you to do so with ease. This solution will provide a centralized place. From this place, you can manage all the comments without any problem. You can reply these comments from that single place. For this feature, more people will be engaged with your live session. That means, Live Leap is capable of making every session more profitable.

Powerful Page Builder

Live Leap also has a sister product. The name of that product is Wagik. It is actually a powerful page builder. We know that there are so many page builders. But only a few tools among these are capable of generating some video replaying pages. Wagik is one of these tools. It will help you to add live videos on the created pages very efficiently. By this manner, Live Leap is capable of broadcasting a live stream on various websites. A website alert system has made this solution even more powerful. It can work with an assigned website. When you will go live, it can send a notification to that website. So, the visitors of that site can be part of that live video session.


Useful Training Facility

Two types of training programs are available with Live Leap. One of these programs is the Basic Software Training. This one is especially for them, who do not even know how to use Facebook Live. And for the advanced users, Advanced Facebook Live Training is offered. This training will let them learn how to use FB Live platform to get a huge profit for their businesses. Live Leap has a powerful route manager. This tool will keep a suitable setting for each live streaming. So, you don’t have to set everything up every time.

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