LayersWP Pricing: Have Review on WordPress Site Builder

Many people love to create a WordPress site with the help of a professional site builder. LayersWP is one of the most popular WP site builders. It comes with almost every feature you may look for. And, this tool is an affordable one too.

Sometimes, we depend on various themes to create our sites. Some of these themes cannot fulfill all our needs. Even, some of these items are not suitable for customizing. For this reason, a big number of WordPress users like to use a site builder instead of a theme. If you are one of these users, then my suggestion is to rely on LayersWP. This professional WP site builder provides some impressive features.


Features and Review of LayersWP

LayersWP will give you full control over your website. It has some tremendous features for customizing the header. For example, this tool allows to hide or show the website title. Some site builders are not very much helpful for uploading a logo. But, this one is capable of doing so with ease. Even, this tool has a built-in logo resizer. 7 different header layouts are added to this product. It also supports 2 header widths. Similarly, it helps to add a sticky header very efficiently. LayersWP supports different types of widgets. These widgets can be used for showing various types of contents and info. And, these are usable on any type of pages.

Supports Various Backgrounds

LayersWP, like any other professional site builder, supports image backgrounds. These backgrounds can make your site beautiful. But, you have to add something more professional. For this reason, this software is helpful for adding the video backgrounds as well. In the header section, it will let you add a different background. It will make the title header more eye-catching. Sometimes, we add lots of options in the menu. A visitor may face some problems to find their desired thing if there are too many options. That is why, it is very important to set a suitable spacing between the items in a menu. LayersWP will let you do so with ease.

Detailed Color Options

LayersWP offers more flexibility in designing every page. For example, you can easily customize the logo, header, title, and background of a site. It allows to add some video backgrounds with ease. The most impressive thing is its color customization facility. This tool helps to customize the text colors on different sections, including, menus and buttons. Similarly, colors of the buttons, footer, and header can easily be customized. LayersWP helps to make the border colors and styles more attractive. This tool has a built-in blog management facility. For this reason you will able to customize, submit, and promote different blog posts with ease.

Some New Widgets

Some brand new widgets are added to this WP site builder. Nowadays, adding different types of social media buttons is very important. For this reason, this tool offers a powerful Social Widget. Sometimes, visitors may find some difficulty while finding out a new post. To avoid this situation, you can show the post list in an automated slide. The Post Carousel Widget will help to do so with ease. Similarly, LayersWP also provides CTA widget and Tab & Accordion Widgets.

LayersWP Pricing

This WordPress site builder has a free edition that provides only a few important features. It is suitable for testing, not for creating a professional quality site. You have to purchase paid edition to create something professional. LayersWP has three options for that. The Single Domain License can be bought by paying only 59 USD, which is its one-time fee. The Multi-Domain License of this product is available for only 99 USD, as per 6 January 2019. This one is suitable for working with 5 different websites. The LayersWP Unlimited can be bought by paying only 199 USD. This one is for unlimited domains. It also includes several Layers Themes.

You may have learnt about lots of website builders. All these tools can create multiple types of sites. Similarly, there are lots of themes that are offered by the WP theme providers. All these themes and website generators are not capable of creating professional websites. My recommendation is to use LayersWP. A big number of users have already used this tool to generate their sites. That is why, it can be considered as a reliable one.