IXWebhosting Latest Pricing : Check the Exclusive Review

Among thousands and thousands of hosting provider companies, the IXWebhosting are very popular names. From this company, you can get reliable hosting facilities with stunning features.


Summary of the IXWebhosting Company Products

The important thing is this company offers both Windows and Linux platforms based hosting services. IXWebhosting offers their services by for very much affordable prices. So you can get hosting for your small sites, blogs and business websites. The services and offers of this company have been summarized below.

Powerful Cloud Hosting

Some people need more control on their server and they need those as more flexibility. For them the cloud hosting of IXWebhosting can be a very good choice. Even these servers perform better and offer better uptime than those of the VPS. As the admin of your server, you can install anything to that. You may know that various internet services are available to be installed. Various software and websites are also there. You can install all those on your cloud server. All the three plans of this product are available. The Professional Cloud Plan is available for $99.90/month. With this pack, you will get 1GB memory, 20GB storage and 300GB bandwidth. It also offers 2 dedicated IPs. The other two plans that are the Business Cloud and Corporate Cloud plans are also available at affordable prices.

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Linux Web Hosting

As the Linux and Windows are two most popular platforms for the web hosting, IXWebhosting offers the both. Only the Linux based hosting plans have been highlighted here. The most attractive feature of the web hosting of this company is that can be considered as the unlimited hosting. That means each of the plans offers unlimited amount of disk space, bandwidth and supported domains. The Expert Plan offers 2 dedicated IPS and 1 free domain. According to 8 February 2015, its price is $3.95 per month. Another one is the Unlimited Plan which offers 15 dedicated IPS and 3 domains for free. You can enjoy this plan for $7.95 per month. The Business Plus plan of Linux Based web hosting of IXWebhosting is also attractive.

Virtual Private Server

Everybody does not like to share the server with others. Actually, some websites do not go with the shared hosting. For those, you can use the virtual private servers of the IXWebhosting Company. You will be able to manage your server perfectly. The X4 Linux is one of the Linux VPS Hosting plans of this company. It offers 1500GB bandwidth and 50GB storage with 2 dedicated IPs.  The size of its RAM is 768MB. Its special monthly price is $54.95 only. X8 Linux is another plan which is available with 2GB RAM and 100GB storage. 2000GB bandwidth has made this plan very powerful. You can purchase this for $89.95/month.