iJoomla Simple Extensions Review | Get the Latest Pricing

A simple extension can bring different features on the targeted Joomla site. That can be useful for visitors, admin or both. Plenty of companies are there to provide these products. But top quality tools are only offered by some of the companies. One of those is the iJoomla.

Review of iJoomla Extensions

The products of this company can be considered as the large platforms. That is why these can be considered as more than the extensions. For creating different types of issues, you can use this platform. The actual contents or zones can be included in these issues or pages. This product can deal with mainly three types of contents. The RSS feeds, different modules and articles are the contents that it supports. So the zones can be considered as the containers of the contents. This iJoomla product will let the authors post their articles very easily. In doing so, they have to complete the registration. The authors will be allowed to edit their articles anytime. For creating or designing the issues, you don’t have to worry at all. Publisher Pro of iJoomla has 13 different layouts for helping you.

ijoomla extensions

Facilities of iSEO Pro

Search engine optimization is important for any kind of websites. If you deal with the Joomla sites, then the iSEO Pro is must buy a product of iJoomla. This product will help you to take the right action for the optimization of the websites. It can handle all the meta tags very efficiently. So you don’t have to spend much time. Proper keyword saturation handling capability has made this product perfect for on page optimization.

Guru Pro is another good product of this company. If you want to create websites for online courses, then this one will help you perfectly. The other products of iJoomla are JomSocial and Ad Agency Pro.

ijoomla extensions review

Completely Reasonable Pricing

For each of the products of iJoomla, multiple pricing plans are there. First consider the Publisher Pro. This magazine site generator platform has Pro and Developer plans. The cost of the Pro edition is $197 only. The Development Plan is actually the combination of 5 licenses. When this post was written, the cost for this was only $591. Both of these include the VIP support facilities. You can get ISEO by paying only USD 147 for the Pro License. This product can also be purchased along with the JomSocial. In that case, the cost will be 249 USD. Similarly the, Guru Pro is available for the price of USD 297. The cost for JomSocial is USD 149. Both this product of iJoomla can be purchased as a bundle by USD 399 only. By considering all these product pricings, it can be said that these are very much attractive.