Gravity Forms Pricing and Features

An online business depends on the number of leads. There are so many ways of generating these leads. Some manual processes are there for this task. And, some advanced techniques are also available. You can create and add some web forms to convert more visitors into leads. Some tools are available which can help to generate these forms. Gravity Forms is a very impressive form builder tool. So many WordPress users love to use this solution. So here is the review and pricing of this cool WordPress contact form plugin.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Review and Features

Nowadays, website creation is not a difficult task anymore. Any person can create a website by using WordPress. This Gravity Forms platform supports different kinds of plugins. And, this facility has opened a new window for the business owners. There are some form generating plugins for WordPress. These plugins are capable of generating some useful forms, which can bring more leads. Among these tools, Gravity Forms is a very popular and reliable solution. Some general forms as well as advanced forms can be created by this tool very easily. It provides so many features and facilities.

Amazing Pricing Plans

After considering all the features of Gravity Forms, you may think that it is a costly tool. But it is not a costly one at all. It has three different licenses. Basic License is the tiniest of them. To purchase this one, only 59 USD price should be paid per year. If you want to use this plugin on only one WordPress sites, then this license is suitable. Compared to this one, the Pro License is more cost effective. According to 20 October 2017, this Gravity Forms pricing is available for only 159 USD per year. You will be allowed to use this one on three different websites. It comes with some pro add-ons along with all the basic add-ons.

Gravity Forms Pricing

Gravity Forms Elite License comes with some more advanced features. You have to pay only 259 USD per year to enjoy this one. This license is offered for unlimited websites. And, it also includes a priority support facility. Each of these licenses is able to generate unlimited forms.

Supports Various Fields

There can be different types of fields on a web form. Gravity Forms comes with more than 30 different types of form fields. You just have to choose some of these fields and add to any form with ease. No technical skill is required for this task. Only a few mouse clicks are enough to do so. This WordPress plugin has a very easy to use form editor. By using this editor, it is very easy to add the necessary fields. This visual editor also helps to configure any option very quickly. After generating these forms, you have to add these on the targeted websites. This embedding task can be done by using Gravity Forms very quickly.

Gravity Forms License

Generate Advanced Forms

An ordinary web form does not support any conditional logic. That is why, that will show every field to every visitor. But sometimes, you may need to hide some of the fields. These fields will only be opened depending on some other fields. These advanced contents can be generated by Gravity Forms. These contents will attract more visitors very quickly. It is a fact that every form will not convert equally. That is why, it is very important to track the performance of these. The email notification system of this solution will help you to do so. Whenever any visitor submits a form, this software will send an email notification. This auto-responder program will also let you know which form has been submitted. So, it will be very easy to know the profitability of every WordPress form.

Efficient Scheduling Option

Normally, we use WordPress forms to get some information. We may not need these data every day. That is why, some limits should be there. Gravity Forms will let you add some limits of entries for each form. These can also be controlled by a scheduling system. That means, each of these web contents will capture the data when that is required. This solution also supports some calculations. That means, you can create some math based submissions, which will make people more interested. Gravity Forms is not like some ordinary tools, which can work with only the single-page forms. This one is capable of generating different kinds of multi-page WordPress forms.

Normally, these advanced contents are a bit difficult to be deployed. But, you will never face any problem to do so if these are created with this amazing plugin. This tool allows every user to submit some documents. That is why, you can ask for some important documents from any lead.

Some Elite Features

I have already mentioned that the Elite License of Gravity Forms comes with more features and facilities. Actually, you may have seen some coupons in some advanced forms. These coupons can attract more people. Gravity Forms Elite will help to add these on any form. Sometimes, some quizzes can engage more people for a longer time. This plugin helps to add different types of coupons. Similarly, you can also add some polls and judge the reactions about something. For promoting some products and services, we normally make bulk posts on WordPress sites. Some people purchase additional tools to make these posts more quickly.

After you pay the price of Gravity Forms Elite, there is no need to purchase these additional tools. This product has a built-in WordPress post creator. This tool will let you generate some attractive posts. And then, it will automatically submit these posts on some targeted websites. Thus if you like to have Gravity Forms pricing, please refer to above post and make purchase of the WP contact form plugin.