Flipbook Maker Pro of Kvisoft Pricing, Check the Latest Review

Among all the page turning tools, the Flipbook Maker Pro of Kvisoft brand is very much popular. There are so many reasons why this product can be recommended to everybody. The basic Windows edition of this product is one of the most successful products of this company.

Summary of Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro

Flipbook Maker have released the Pro version which is more advanced with additional features. All the features of the previous edition have been integrated into this. The additional feature will make you more satisfied. Let’s discuss about all those basic and advanced features of this amazing software.

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HTML5 Magazines for Publications

From various types PDF files this product can create page-flip magazine of HTML5. In some cases, it can be seen that the outputs of this type of tool are not compatible with all devices. But the Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro does not have such problem. You can easily open the outputs of this software from the iPhones and Android phones and from the computers. This software is perfect for the publications also. You may target the readers of various countries or regions. And that is why you have to use various languages for your books or magazines. Flipbook Maker Pro supports various languages. It will help you to create various language versions of the same publications. The readers will be able to switch from one version to another with ease.

Incredible Perfect Pricing

Two different pricing options of the Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro have been offered. Each of these is very much impressive. You can get this product for single installation or 5 installations. According to 15 October 2015, the costs of those licenses are $297 and $1099 respectively. As compared to the Trial Version, the licensed edition has several benefits. This one offers all the features that you may need. The user of this one will be allowed to take help from the technical support team. After successful payment, you will get the Keycode for Flipbook Maker Pro in just minutes. It can be said that the pricing of this product has been set perfectly as compare to the features.

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Conversion of Several Files

As we said earlier that the Pro version of Kvisoft Flipbook Maker can convert the PDF files. But this is not the only file format that it supports as input. It can also deal with the other files such as Word, PPT and Excel files. Various media files are also important for top class online magazine. The Flipbook Maker Pro can create the magazines with various types of photos, local videos, YouTube videos and movies. This product supports the click actions. For this reason, the readers will be able to watch videos or open the media with just one click. They will also be allowed to visit the web page by clinking on the link you have inserted in the eBooks.