File Viewer Plus Latest Pricing, Check the Amazing Review

Though the Linux and Mac OS have achieved huge popularity, Windows is still the most popular platform for computers. Millions of software and utilities are available which are compatible with this platform.

Summary of the File Viewer Plus

There are many products which are really impressive and those can minimize many difficulties. File Viewer Plus is a wonderful utility for the Windows PC. You can use this software for opening, editing and storing various types of files. You can choose this for its important features, advantages and cheap price. From our following discussion, you will be able to understand its effectiveness.

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Deal with Documents

As this software can work with more than 250 file types, it can work with various types of documents. It will help you to open all types of documents and let you edit those with ease. Normally we need to edit the Word documents and convert those into PDF format. This task can be completed with the help of File Viewer Plus. You can easily change the style and size of the opened documents with this utility. It will let you save the documents not just as PDF but also as HTML, Doc, txt and other formats.

For working with the images, this product has some extraordinary tools. Compressed imaged formats are supported by this utility. So you can open those very easily. The RAW photos can be opened and enhanced by the File Viewer Plus. You can apply the image borders to the images. To enhance the look of the images you can apply several effects which are included in built-in image editor.

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Media File Conversion

Another great advantage of the File Viewer Plus is it will let you convert the media files very efficiently. You may have seen that some media file formats are not supported by your device. Most of the devices support all the standard media formats. So you can change the format of the unsupported media files very easily with this utility. Not only the multimedia files but also the video and audio files can be converted by it separately. This innovative Windows PC utility can use for extracting the zip files and other file archives. It supports various file formats like the RAR, APK, ZIP and CAB etc.

Source Code Editing

If you are a programmer then the File Viewer Plus can be a great solution for you. It will let you open all the popular types of source codes with ease. It supports the languages like the C, Java, Python and HTML, etc. After opening the codes, you can edit and highlight those with the help of this software. Winmail.dat file can contain so much data. File Viewer Plus can extract the data from those files very effectively. According to 10 February 2015, the price of this product is only 29.95 USD.