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Nowadays we use the internet from our computers or mobile phones in almost every day. For general browsing and file downloading, using own IP address is not that much riskier. But when you will download personal files, upload some confidential data, and do other important tasks, it is best to hide IP.

Otherwise, all your activities can track by Government and even by hackers. For doing this task, virtual private network is very useful. Various providers are there to offer this service. ExpressVPN is one of those providers. Let’s know more about this service:

ExpressVPN Features and Review

Sometimes, you may need to access some contents like movies and videos which are restricted from your area. In those cases, ExpressVPN will be very useful. This solution allows its users to access unlimited contents from anywhere of the world with very high speed. It is essential to hide IP addresses from online hackers and spies. Otherwise, they can get very essential information by tracking online activities. This virtual private network service can stop this harm by hackers. Sometimes, your IP can block on some very important websites. This service can hide original IP and provide new one. That is why, there will be no problem of visiting blocked websites anymore. ExpressVPN in not just an ordinary VPN solution which supports only one device. Instead, it is perfect for working with 3 simultaneous devices.


Pricing and Plans

Compare to very advanced features, pricing of ExpressVPN is really impressive. You can get this service for one month, six months, or even a year. In case of monthly subscriptions, only $12.95 should pay as per this review writing date. If it is purchased for 6 months, then this per month cost will reduce to only $9.99. That means, you just have to pay 59.95 USD at a time to get this for 6 months. Most popular option for this VPN service is its yearly plan which can purchase by 99.95 USD/year. That means, in this case, the monthly price of ExpressVPN is only 8.32 USD. No matter which option is chosen, one month money back guarantee is valid.

ExpressVPN review

Easy to Use Software

To access ExpressVPN from computers and mobile phones, various software are offered. Separate app offer for each of the Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and other platforms. Each of these are very easy to use but very efficient. Such software will allow you to connect with various VPN locations which are situated 87+ countries. Favorite locations can save for future uses. ExpressVPN has a very powerful network lock system. If your internet connection gets lost, it will never let your traffic to be in control of others. One click connection and very efficient optimization are other features of this service.