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“Get Beautiful Elegant Themes”

By using a simple theme, it is possible to generate a beautiful website. You just have to install that them on your WordPress site. That is why, WordPress sites have achieved so much popularity. Anyone can create a desired website by using this platform. There are companies to provide these themes. Elegant Themes is one of these popular brands. So check the Elegant Themes Pricing. Also see the review below.

Elegant Themes

A Small Review of Elegant Themes

WP sites have achieved a huge popularity for their amazing flexibility. By using a suitable theme, you can easily convert a simple site into a desired one. These sites can also be customized very easily by using some plugins. There are different kinds of WP plugins. These tools are capable of adding more features to a site. For generating some professional sites, these tools are very useful. Elegant Themes offers some very impressive themes and plugins. At the same time, this company also provides some page building tools. Each of these products is very much reliable. Here are some major products, pricing and their features in 2021:

Powerful Divi Theme

Divi is undoubtedly one of the best products of Elegant Themes. This is not just a simple theme. Instead, it comes with a full-featured platform for generating different kinds of pages. That means, it is fully powered by the Divi Builder. It has a visual editor, which will help you to make changes to any page anytime. There is no need to deal with any kind of programming or coding. Everything can be done visually and in real time. This product offers a very simple setting panel. From there, different kinds of contents can be added very easily. This product of Elegant Themes also has a responsive editing facility. All kinds of texts, colors, and spacing of the texts can be customized with this one. Divi theme has an amazing translating capability. It can perform this translation facility in 32 different languages. A split testing and analytics facility are also added to this product.

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Power of Extra

Just like Divi, Extra is another amazing product of Elegant Themes. This is also powered by the Divi Builder. That is why, it is a combination of a powerful WP theme and a page builder. You can use this one to generate some amazing magazine websites. A useful category builder has made this product more powerful. By using this tool, you can easily create some categories for the posts. There is no need to worry about creating these posts manually. This Elegant Themes product has a built in post builder. It is capable of generating some traffic generating pages in a quick time. An efficient rating and review facility is also offered by Extra. For this feature, every visitor will be allowed to rate any post.

The Divi Builder

I have already mentioned the features of Divi Theme. Now let’s know about the Divi Builder, which is another impressive product of Elegant Themes. This is a popular plugin, which is capable of generating different kinds of pages very efficiently. This product is capable of working with all kinds of themes. There are some builders, which come with only a few layouts. But, this one is capable of dealing with unlimited layouts. Actually, it comes with the power of Divi Theme. But, this one can be used with any theme. That means, it can add some powerful features to any theme. This product provides 46 different content modules. Some of these modules are Search, Image, Post Title, Call to Action, and Audio Player, etc. Elegant Themes has added some advanced features to it. For example, this tool can hide some elements from any page. Sometimes, you may need to clone some elements to generate some pages more quickly. This tool will let you create duplicates of any content with just one click.

Some Other Plugins

Though Divi Builder is considered as the best plugin of this company, it also offers some other essential plugins. The Bloom is one of these products. This tool is a very powerful email opt-in plugin. And, it can generate so many leads in a quick time. By using this tool, you can generate different types of pop-ups and fly-ins. These elements can be added to any WordPress site very easily. And then, these will capture the email addresses from every visitor. By using these data, you can easily generate so many leads. For a regular social media appearance, you have to add some social sharing buttons on every website. The Monarch is a social media sharing plugin of Elegant Themes. This product will help to add social media buttons with various posts, images, and videos. It is capable of dealing with more than 20 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, etc.

elegant themes pricing

Elegant Themes Pricing and Plan

To download any of the products of Elegant Themes, you have to join in its community. It provides two different plans. You can access its Yearly Plan by paying the price of only $89 per year. And, a lifetime plan is also there, which can be accessed with the price of only $249. There is no yearly recurring fee for this one. Both these licenses include all themes and plugins of this company. Each of these products can be installed on unlimited websites. A premium support is available for each member. A theme will not perform equally over time. That is why, updating of these products is required. Elegant Themes will provide free regular updates to each of these products. And, you don’t have to pay any fee for these updates. A risk free guarantee is available with each license. For this reason, it is safe to spend your money for any of these licenses.

So please have the Elegant Themes Pricing with the review in 2021.