Elastic Email Review: See the Pricing of the Solution

In the marketing field, a lot of strategies are needed to fulfill to achieve targeted profit. Among of them, email marketing is a needed one solution. To handle the inner criteria of this section, many cloud solutions are available in the market.

Elastic Email is one of the best ones. This is considered as a reliable one email delivery platform. It offers both SMTP relay, a flexible user interface and robust HTTP API. Due to having all of these activities, you can conduct flexible communication process with the subscribers.

Review on Elastic Email

To set up your email marketing campaign, Elastic Email is a trusted one tool. To manage the campaigning procedure from the scratch, it offers all the helpful methods. Here, you can do everything like template creation, customize the existing one, subscriber management and so on. To manage new subscriber list, it allows some supportive logic. In case of monitoring the campaigning result, this offers some helpful conditions. Besides, it also emphasizes on the marketing and the transaction email.

Core Architecture of This

To extract the raw marketing strategy, Elastic Email is really helpful for the marketers. With the beneficial support of this, you can simply manage strong relationship with the recipients. This relation can be controlled in every single campaign. To send out better emails, you can integrate with existing SMTP and API. This will ensure more reliable structure while sending out bulk emails. To improve the email delivery system, you can use standard SMTP server of this platform. Besides, you can integrate this tool with your own app or the website.

Elastic Email

Features and the Solutions

Elastic Email offers some powerful solutions. Inside every solution, some effective features can be found. Here, you will find email marketing, transactional email api and support comparison solutions. In the feature section, you will know how to segment the existing subscriber and the new list. By depending on this, you can send out any specific email to any existing group. After that, real time data monitoring system is also available within this product. That’s why; the changes and the impact can simply be monitored from the dashboard portion. In the support section, some powerful conditions are integrated. Such as, in-app messenger inside dashboard, in-app knowledge-based searching criteria, email notification etc.

To conduct email marketing campaign, Elastic Email is a reliable one solution. With this tool, you will be able to manage available contacts, existing template and the reporting structure. To deliver transactional and the marketing email, this is very effective. If you are trying to initiate your email marketing campaign, then some helpful suggestions can be found from this. In fact; you can perform literally almost everything inside this tool. Among of them, new template creation is a crucial part. By depending on your own need, you can create any specific template in the editor panel. Then, you will be able to customize the existing templates. After that, you will get the option to manage the subscription list. This portion is very essential for the segmentation process of your email delivery condition. Besides, it can support you while monitoring the campaigning result.

Available Features of This Tool

To establish the effective relationship with your subscriber, Elastic Email is really active. This term can be handled almost in every campaign. After that, if you want, you can organize new list. Then, you can send out better quality emails by using SMTP or the API integration. Due to having this condition, you will get the right to send 100+ million emails in every month. This procedure is performed in a fastest way due to having ultra fast infrastructure. Then, users can integrate the available tools of Elastic Email with their own website or the app.

Elastic Email Pricing

Elastic Email Pricing

Elastic Email offers two different plans. These are: Pay as You Go Plans and Unlimited Monthly Plans. Inside Unlimited plans, two versions are available like Unlimited and Unlimited Pro. To get the first one, you need to pay $9/month. For Unlimited Pro, only $29/month will be asked. Then, you will find Email API and Email API Pro inside Pay as You Go package. These two licenses can be purchased with the price of $0.09/1,000 emails and $1/day plus $0.009/1,000 emails.