DWG DXF Converter Pricing, Check the Awesome Review

AutoCAD is not the only computer aided drawing package. Of course it is the most popular one but there are also some other packages. IntelliCAD is one of those. The native format for these packages is DWG. This format is fully supported by all types of CAD applications.

On the other hand, DXF is the CAD file format which is supported by the AutoCAD. It is widely used for exchanging data between many programs and the AutoCAD. In many cases, conversion between DWG and DXF files can be necessary. In those cases, the AutoDWG DWG DXF Converter can be suggested. Here are some reasons why this product is amazing:

Summary of AutoDWG DWG DXF Converter

There are several versions of AutoCAD. This software supports all of them between R9 to 2016. Similarly, the versions of DWG and DXF files can be of different times. For various projects, it can be necessary to convert the files of one into another version. The DWG DXF Converter of AutoDWG can do this conversion very efficiently. Not you can go to lower versions to higher versions. The drawing versions can be changed from high to low also. This is one of the reasons why this product is called by directional conversion solution. There is also another main reason for this. With the help of this one, you can create DXF drawings from the DWG files. Similarly the DXF files can change into DWG drawings. DWG DXF Converter is equally impressive for both way conversions.

DWG DXF Converter

Supports Batch Processing

Just like the other product of the AutoDWG brand, the DWG DXF Converter also has the batch conversion facility. That is why it is time saving and user friendly software. You can choose several files for changing the formats of those. For saving more time, you can choose the entire folder of large number of files at a time. This product can also deploy different conversion techniques to the subfolders. For running or using this software, it is not necessary to install the AutoCAD on the user computers. The size of DWG DXF Converter of AutoDWG is very small. So it will not damage the performance of the PCs. It supports all the versions of Windows from XP to 2008.

DWG DXF Converter review

Three Different Editions

AutoDWG has released, three different editions of this conversion solution. The Standard edition can be purchased by $78.00 only. According to 2 November 2015, price of the Pro version of DWG DXF Converter is $149.00. The Server Edition of this product can be bought by paying 1490.00 USD. Both the Server and Pro versions of this tool supports the command line facility. For this reason, with the help of the interface, the conversion tasks can be done. The AutoDWG DWG DXF Converter Server version can be installed on a server. That is why multiple users will be able to use that.