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Website is a medium of previewing all the essential information of any person or the organization through the online process. That’s why; the activities of any company are now displayed by using any website. But while publishing any website, you will have to depend on any web hosting company.

The services of any web hosting company are to provide the domain name, free email account creating, bandwidth limit, disk space, etc. There are many companies available for providing the activities of web hosting. But all of them are not effective to provide the genuine performances. Sometimes the data centers may crash down. In those cases, your website activities won’t be previewed. In this sense, you need to choose a dependable web hosting company. Such a company is DreamHost.

About DreamHost and its Activities

DreamHost started its activities from 1997. At the beginning time the services of DreamHost were very limited. But with the advance of time, it has spread the quality among the users. DreamHost has already provided 500,000 domains. The hardware management system and the data center are organized with latest technology. The data center of DreamHost is maintained by using Linux base activities. Besides, it uses the backup processing for the security of the data. As a result, there is no chance of losing any data from the site for a single moment.


Why to Choose

For obtaining the web hosting facilities, there are many companies available in the world market. All the hosting companies are competing with one another with their performances as well as their customer services. But in maximum cases, the effectiveness is not same. That’s why; user should choose a dependable company which provide all the essential services as well as their customer services are well known. Such a reliable name is DreamHost. This was established in 1997. But with the performances, it has become one of the largest players in this section. It has already covered 500,000 users in web hosting business. This domain users proves the quality about the activities of DreamHost.

Control Panel

Without using any commercial level control panel, it uses the admin panel with the customization system. The email creation process, software installation process, account billing process can be done by using this panel. It also provides web based FTP facility where the real FTP is not available. But by using the domain of DreamHost, you can’t design any site easily. To do this, you will have to design any site locally on your PC. Then you will have to upload them in the web space of DreamHost.

dreamhost review

Plans and prices of DreamHost

DreamHost provides a lot of plans for the flexible choosing facilities of the users. You can choose any plan for personal case. Moreover, it also offers various classes under business based website. The prices limit varies for various plans. But in every plan you can obtain the basic features and facilities. You can upgrade the features in each month with the consisting features.

DreamHost offers various plans for the flexibility of choosing process. Currently it allows four web hosting plans. The price limit is also varied with each plan. But the basic differences among various plans are not so huge. The main difference is the disk space as well as the bandwidth.  For the level 1 plan it offers 200GB free space and total 2TB bandwidth limit. Moreover, the disk space and the bandwidth can be increased in every week. You can upgrade 1GB free space and 16GB bandwidth in every week.

Customer Services and Scripting Support

DreamHost is a reliable name to the users of the customer services facility. That’s why; you need not to worry while choosing the web hosting plans of DreamHost. All the plans of DreamHost are available under PHP4, PHP5, Joomla, WordPress, Phython, Ruby, etc. In fact, this hosting company is organized in a user friendly mood.