Zopto Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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Get Zopto discount as 25% cash back on 1st invoice of any plan: Personal, Grow or Agency. Please check the following Zopto image for coupon.

Zopto discount

LinkedIn is a popular social channel where tons of potential leads are available. You just have to use a suitable lead generation tool to grab these lads. Zopto is a reliable LinkedIn automation software that generates tons of leads.

Review of Zopto

It is very easy to find out a reliable tool that can bring more leads from Facebook and Twitter. But, only a few tools are there to do the same operation on LinkedIn, though it is a very rich source. That is why, we suggest Zopto, which is an efficient software to bring leads from LinkedIn. This software has more capabilities than many other similar tools. Get the LinkedIn automation software with our discount. Grab the Zopto coupon now. Its major features and benefits are:

Easy to Handle

Starting a Zopto campaign is not a difficult task at all. Only a few easy steps should be done to start a profitable project. First of all, you have to open its account. Then, the automation of your LinkedIn outreach can be done within a few minutes. After that, there will be a big number of sales and lead generating opportunities. LinkedIn is a suitable platform for finding out ideal customers. This software has made it even easier. You just have to use Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium to find out them. Then, you have to choose the desired level of engagement that you are looking for. After that, a Zopto campaign will be started. There are some other tools that bring only a few leads per month. But, this one will bring dozens or hundreds of new leads in every month.


Account Activation

As we mentioned, you have to activate your Zopto account first. This account should be connected to your LinkedIn account. The automation facility of this tool will be very helpful in doing so. Mainly, its automation tools are suitable for sales teams. Generally, sales teams use these tools to find out more leads with less effort. As, these tools support multiple engagement features, these are now suitable for even startups. They just have to create various combinations of these tools. Then, these tools will bring lots of investors. Similarly, these built in tools of Zopto are recommended to recruiters who are looking for quality candidates. There are various advantages of using this software. One of these advantages is it will let you access potential customers outside of the network. That means, it helps to enter new markets with ease.

These Zopto features could be availed exclusively with our above coupon. Extra discount is not needed for this LinkedIn automation tool.

Advanced Filtering

To find out the ideal customers, Zopto offers an advanced filtering facility. With the help of Sales Navigator, you will be able to find out these customers with ease. In doing so, different types of filtering terms can be used. For example, this software allows to filter customers depending on their locations and seniority levels. It is also possible to filter them in terms of industry, title, and company size, etc. After determining a suitable filter, this software helps enable various relevant features. These features may be twitter engagement, connection invites, and sequential messaging, etc. All these things can be done within two minutes. After that, Zopto will start generating a big number of leads. There is no need to wait for weeks to see the result. This solution is capable of bringing leads within a few days.

Zopto pricing

Twitter Engagement

Though Zopto is mainly a LinkedIn automation tool, it is helpful in ensuring more Twitter engagement. In every campaign, you must work with several profiles. This software will automatically find out the Twitter accounts that are connected with all these profiles. Just deal with these accounts and ensure a better Twitter engagement. Another important feature is, it will let you deal with imported lists without any problem. These lists can be created by other marketing activities. The built in A/B testing facility is another nice advantage. This additional feature will let you make more profitable campaigns. There is no need to think about reporting. Zopto has an ability to create lead generation reports with ease. These reports can accessed via its dashboard.

Zopto Discount & Pricing

Generally, reliable LinkedIn automation tools are very costly in the year 2021. Though Zopto is a strongly recommendable tool, it is an affordable one. It has three amazing licenses. Each of these licenses is available with a monthly and a quarterly payment policy. In this review, we have mentioned its price on a monthly basis. The Personal License can be bought by paying only $215 per month. This license includes only one account. Each and every basic feature is available here. The Grow License can be purchased by spending only $395 per month without any promo code. This one supports 2 accounts. An agency dashboard is a great advantage of it. Similarly, you have to pay only USD 895 per month to use Zopto Agency License. It includes 5 accounts. One of its important features is the white-label facility.

Therefore, please get the amazing lead generation software with our coupon now. We hope that the Zopto discount will offer amazing features and benefits.