ZonPages Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

Enjoy ZonPages discount as 20% cash back for purchasing any plan: Starter, Business or Enterprise. Please see the coupon process in below ZonPages image.

ZonPages Discount

It is possible to earn a big profit by selling the Amazon products. An Amazon store can be boosted up in different ways. ZonPages comes with some impressive tools to do so. This affordable solution is capable of creating Amazon landing pages and boosting up the sales.

Review of ZonPages

There is a big competition in almost every type of online marketing and affiliate platform. So many affiliate marketers create some stores and sell Amazon products. Some of them get the desired success. And, some of them are still looking for their desired sales. For this reason, you have to outsmart them by using different strategies and tools. To boost up the sales, you may need to use different tools. There is no need to find out these tools from different sources. ZonPages comes with all these important tools. Avail all the important ZP features with our discount. Just follow up the steps in the ZP image to get the ZonPages coupon. Let’s see some of its major features and benefits:

Creates Landing Pages

ZonPages is capable of creating different types of landing and giveaway pages. Each of these pages will be highly converting. There is no need to have any kind of experience to create these pages. You will be able to add different elements on a page. For example, it supports all types of logos, pictures, and videos. Similarly, you will be able to add various types of offers to every page. These pages can be used for boosting the sales and collect some real reviews. ZonPages allows to add different cross market offers to these landing pages.


Inventory Protector

The inventory protection facility offers more power to the seller. A seller may not want to sell all the units of a particular product to a single buyer. In this case, ZonPages will allow him to limit the number of units for every single buyer. This feature will make many buyers happy. Similarly, this solution offers some other inventory protection features. This solution also has a top quality email autoresponder tool. This autoresponder tool allows to create a schedule. For this reason, your clients will get every email to the right time.

These ZonPages features can be availed with our coupon here. No discount is needed for the landing page creator.

Email Autoresponder

Amazon provides millions of products to sell. But, it does not offer a friendly platform for establishing a communication among sellers and buyers. ZonPages provides a great way to communicate. It is capable of sending automated messages to buyers depending on different events. For example, this software can send a specific email when an order is delivered. It can also send mails regarding refunds, vouchers, and many more. Its built-in email autoresponder tool does not apply any kind of restriction on the number of emails sent. Rather, you can send unlimited messages for different purposes. So, there is no need to spend more money for purchasing another autoresponder. ZonPages will let you create special tracking links that will generate a bigger Facebook audience. And, it is compatible with ManyChat.

amazon landing page maker

Landing Pages

All kinds of landing and giveaway pages can be created by using ZonPages. There are different ways to drive a big traffic to Amazon listings. One of the best ways is to use landing pages. This solution is very helpful in creating high-converting landing pages. You are allowed to add necessary images, videos, logos, and other elements to customize the pages. Then, your Amazon listings will get a big number of real views in a quick time. These pages are also suitable for distributing voucher codes, collecting emails, and getting reviews. ZonPages is able to generate beautiful giveaway pages that will engage more potential customers.

Amazon has eliminated the $ OFF promos recently. That is why, a big number of marketers are not getting the same customer attention as they were getting before. Instead of this promo, you can use a % OFF promo to promote any product. But, this task should be done very carefully. ZonPages offers a safe way to add this type of voucher claim codes. It does that so safely that your inventory will be protected. Even, a single voucher claim code is enough to protect the full inventory.

ZonPages Discount & Pricing Plans

ZonPages does not offer only one license. Rather, it provides multiple licenses. You can choose any of these as per necessity. The Starter License of this solution can be purchased by spending only $19.95/month excluding the discount. It does not support any additional marketplace. Other basic features are included in it. Sometimes, you may need to work with another or two marketplaces. In that case, the Business License is a nice one. It is available for only $49.95/month, prior to 2021. It allows to add an additional marketplace for only 14.95 USD/month. The ZonPages Enterprise License can be bought by paying only 99.95 USD/month. It supports an additional marketplace for only 9.99 USD/month. That means, this one is one of the largest campaigns.

Therefore, please get the Amazon landing page creator with our coupon. We believe, you are going to love the ZonPages discount.