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The modern activities of the latest technology have offered us a lot of support in the practical section. Without the effective support of the utility section, we can’t manage everyday activities according to our wish. Among all of the daily activities, the task of communication system from one place to another is an essential need. To allow this system in a flexible way, we need to use a car. Sometimes, we can’t afford our own car. In that situation, we can depend on the car renting process. Zipcar is such a company in this industry, which assures itself as a dependable car rental company in the USA. It offers the automobile reservations to the corresponding members. The rental process is maintained through the hourly basis or day time basis. Besides, the members of the Zipcar can pay the bill as a monthly or yearly basis with the charging conditions.


ZipCar and the Review

In the communication section, we have observed a lot of changes and the variations. The communication system in the case of travelling from one place to another, we have to depend on the car. But in every time, we can’t afford the own car. In that situation, we can use the system of borrowing a car. To establish this process, Zipcar is a dependable platform. This platform offers the system to provide the car with the rental system to the authorized members. Any person can take the membership from this platform. Not only the individual users but also the business section can rely on this. To carry the employees under any business firm, Zipcar is very supportive. Besides, the university based students can also be supported from this Zipcar as the students can rent the car for a fixed amount of time for travelling one place to another.

The Basic Structure Offered

Zipcar offers all the basic functions and the smartest way to get around the whole city in a flexible way. From this section, you can rent any car, according to your choice and make a drive. Under the rental system, the insurance and the gas system are included. Almost in all sections, you can ride through the provided cars of Zipcar. Because of the support of this, you can save a huge amount of money. Not only the cars, but also the motorcycles, vans and the trucks can also be rented from this.

The Functions Included

Zipcar offers the smarter way to get around the whole city in a flexible way. You can drive the cars by the basis of hours or day system. In this case, the gas and the insurance system are also included. All the essential places like airport section, emergency and security section also permit the cars of Zipcar. Through this, you can save a lot of money in the communication process. The users have the chance to choose from the hybrids, sedans or the vans and etc.

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The Working Flow

It provides 4 simple steps to manage the functionalities of this. In the first case, the joining condition will be appeared. After applying, you have to fulfill the condition. Once the needed conditions are fulfilled, the users will get their corresponding Zipcar. This card system unlocks the cars, vans, trucks and so on.  After that, the reserving procedures will be activated. You need to book any specific Zipcar for any fixed amount of hours. This condition can be assured for the whole day time. This can be arranged through the online system or phone call system or the mobile app procedure.

The third section is defined as a tap and it ensures the unlock procedure of the car through the Zipcar. Then the final section is the driving section. This section allows the users to drive the car almost at any place. But you have to return to the parking spot with the car at the specified time.

The Rates and the Friendly Supports

At the initial level, the users need to purchase the membership card with the price of $7 for each month. After purchasing the membership card, the driving policy can be started. In this case, you can rent any car with the condition for each hour value. You need to pay almost $8-10 for each hour while managing the rental process of any car. For managing the user friendly support, it offers the app system. Under this application, you will get the option of tracking system, controlling method and other options through the web method.