Zend Software Review | Offers Framework, Server and Guard

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At this time, the technology is getting advanced for making a lot of changes in our practical life. In all sections, we need to reflect the use of the computer system and the smart phone devices. In the computer system and the smart phone devices, we are observing the presence of the applications by which we can manage many types of tasks. To develop the application system through PHP coding system is an idea of intelligence. To assure this condition, Zend is a trusted platform. It offers many types of programs to develop the PHP based applications in a quick process. Besides, it also offers the way to protect the source code of any PHP based app. After that, the data section and the server section with the PHP IDE based section can be protected through the products of Zend.


The Full Review on Zend Products

The modern age is depending on many platforms. To assure the entire needed platform in our practical life, we have to take the support of computer system and the smart phone devices. Through these devices, we can get many functions for the practical section. In fact; the computer system and the mobile phone section hold the system to run many types of apps that are essential in our practical life. To manage these apps and the developing system we can rely on Zend. This is one of the best ones to develop higher quality apps in a quick process.

Zend is a PHP based platform which offers the users to make higher quality apps and he application system. It offers many types of sequential programs like Zend Server, Zend Guard, and Zend Framework and so on. By depending on these platforms, you can generate the top quality apps for the customers.

The Available Products

Zend studio is an innovative one to develop the PHP based apps through PHP IDE. Through the coding system, it can easily generate the productivity of the developers. It can easily make the combination of the mobile development system and the PHP based source code. It supports the split editor section where the coding system can be applied. After that, it holds some sample mobile apps which can be customized for making some changes. In the code editor section, you can make the changes through the suggestions, code completion method and other functions. Besides, real time analysis process and validation system are also available here. To allow the API system, it offers the integration process with Apigility for making the documenting and the testing process.

Zend guard protect the application system through the PHP encoding method, this platform is very supportive. To protect the source code of the PHP based application, Zend Guard is considered as one of the trusted one. It assures the way to limit the duplication process or any use of the applications. Besides, the maintenance of the license system can be organized through the available tools. The proper balance of the license system ensures the effective selling process and customer satisfaction.

Zend server is a PHP based stack with a lot of features for the users. It holds more than 80 PHP based extensions and it supports NGINX, Apache and IIS Web Servers. It is considered as a native package provider for the Windows section, Linux section and Mac OS also.

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Zend Server and its Corresponding Features

Zend Server is a professional level PHP based stack. It offers the full set of PHP based features with the advanced level functions. Moreover, the functions of product optimization process, performance measurement system, and reliability can also be assured through this. It includes more than 80 extensions for the PHP section. In fact; it is supportable almost for all the PHP code.

The Zend Server with Z-ray for the development section can be purchased through $20 in each month. After that, the package of Zend Server with Z-ray for the Production section can be purchased with the asking condition. Moreover, the users can use the Zend Guard, which is effective to protect the PHP based source code for the use of the unauthorized users.

Zend Studio and Its Pricing Conditions

This is a PHP IDE based designing format. This system offers the way to create the innovative PHP apps through improving the productivity of the developers. It has the ability to combine both the PHP IDE system and the mobile application system in the source code section. It holds the dark theme and the split editor system. After that, the cursor editing format is also available here. After that, the users will get some sample app under this platform. Through the intelligence code editing system, the users can simply allow the code assist format, code refactoring, code completion and other functions. Moreover, the integration process with Apigilty makes it easier to manage the API more faster way.

In the section of Zend Studio, there remain many variations in the plans and in the category. The Commercial plan can be purchased $189/year. The Personal using plan can be bought with $89/year.