Yanado Coupon in 2021 | Discount on Task Management Tool

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Enjoy attractive Yanado coupon as 10% cash back. This Yanado offer is applicable for monthly or annual plan of ‘Startup’ or ‘Premium’ license.

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Yanado Coupon

Yanado and its Details

To maintain your task management activities inside Gmail, Yanado is a dependable one tool. Besides, it is also helpful for project management activities. With the helpful support of this, you can keep constant focus on your work. In fact; you don’t need to make a jump from project management tool and Gmail while using the beneficial supports of Yanado.

Fundamental Overview of This

To free up your Gmail account from being any To-do list, Yanado can help you a lot. With this, you can simply turn up the needed emails into the organized tasks. In fact; you have to use Gmail for email processing and this will conduct the rest tasks. Then, user friendly interface feature appears. This holds some creative features with simple operation mode. It seems like a part of Gmail. You just need to loop up the notification alert from this. Enjoy the cool Yanado features with our discount coupon for 2018. Grab the Yanado discount today.


Additional Features inside Yanado

Project management with scheduling process is a complex task. But this can simply be handled with the touch of Yanado. Here, you can simply track the users, who are currently doing their tasks. Besides, the working activities are also monitored. Then, individual task maintaining issue is also followed. This proves that, there is option to create task with the required steps and the time schedule. Real time notification is an important one feature inside this tool. So, you will get real time update of any project within your Gmail. Here, you can minimize the number of available mails which are getting.

Then, if you want, you can add the needed emails as tasks. To create ay task from your email, you just need to follow a simple step. After that, you can add them with the available projects with reminder option. Due to having reminder option, you will never miss the deadline of any project or specific task. This process is synced with the Google calendar. To visualize your available tasks, you can add the tasks with card format. Moreover, some more user friendly features are available like task sharing, manage subtask etc. In fact; you can include tags to improve the searching policy of available tasks.

Yanado Coupon and Pricing Level

Yanado issues four different plans. First one is totally free. But this includes some limitation. That’s why; this is applicable for trial version. Then, Start-up plan appears. To get this, you need to pay $6 for each user/month without the promo code. This plan is most popular. Then, Premium plan comes with premium features. To obtain this plan, you need to pay $15 for each user in every month. Last one is Enterprise plan. This plan offers all the unlimited features. Within this plan, you can integrate custom infrastructure. In fact; all these plans include unlimited tasks and unlimited to-do lists maintaining facilities.

Thereafter, please get the task management tool inside of Gmail with our discount. We believe, the Yanado coupon in 2021 will impress you.