Xara 3D Maker Review | 3D Graphics for Websites or Videos

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Nowadays 3D effect is one of the most favorite tools for professional web designers, though this effect is being used in many other cases. Magix provides an exclusive product for creating 3D texts and shapes very quickly and easily. The name of that product is Xara 3D maker.

xara 3d maker

Xara 3D Maker Review

Among all the products of Magix, Xara 3D maker is really one of the most efficient software. It can give 3D look to any text as well as shapes in a very short time. This product offers so many features which are the reason why Xara 3D maker is very popular.

Why to Use the Software

If you use 3Ds texts, logo and images to your advertisement in flash banners, then your banner will look more appealing. Xara 3D maker will help you to create flash banners in you will be able to include not only 3D texts and logos but also the 3D animation. So, this product can also be used as the helping software for web designing. Unique looking texts can be created with the help of this 3D maker. You can also create different 3D shapes for using on your website. You can integrate this software to many products of Magix.

Perfect and attractive title is one of the main parts of creating a good slideshow. If you use Xara 3D maker then you will be able to create 3D and animated title for the slideshows. You can put any text and shapes to the documents as well as photos in 3D format. For use 3D texts your documents and photos will be more amazing. Xara 3D maker can be used for creating beautiful wallpapers, screensavers and themes.

Features of the Product

In this product you will find various types of templates which will be very helpful for creating new designs and effects. You can choose words of any format loaded in your computer for creating 3D texts; if necessary you can create completely new formats. Different area of the texts and shapes that you want to give a 3D look can be designed with different styles and colours by using Xara 3D maker. You will be able to change the depth and width of any part of the object. Different effects including the shadow effect can be applied to the object also. If you create animations with the help of this software then you will be able to create the animated movement of the letters and shapes in different directions.

xara 3d maker review

One of the main features of this product is you can create attractive flash banners by using this. Those flash banners can be designed with advertisements and offers for your company or business. After creating those 3D flash banners you can include those with your websites. In those banners you can add different 3D effects as well as animations to make people attracted. Similarly this software can also be used for the design of 3D titles and headlines of an article. If you use a title in 3D format of the slideshow then that will look more amazing. You can use this software with some other products of Magix to get more benefit.

Advantages and Other Features

This product is very helpful for the perfect and beautiful website designing. In a website you can use 3D logos which can be created by this software. In an image you can use the 3D names and texts. You can also use 3D words in any kind of text files and documents. Even you will be able to create unique 3D screensavers and wallpapers by using this software. This product of Magix will provide you a huge collection of templates for which you will be able to create different 3D effects in a very short time. To create the 3D text you can use the any existed formats of your computer or you can also create innovative formats with your own style.

When you will design a title or shape you can use different colours to different letter or part. This tool will allow you to apply the shadow effect also. Another feature of Xara 3D maker is it will let you change the depth of the texts and shapes in any dimension.