WP Offload SES Coupon: Avail Discount for the Application

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WP Offload SES coupon

Amazon SES is a powerful email service. But, it has some negatives. WP Offload SES will let you use this service by avoiding its cons. So, the deliverability will be increased.

Small Review of WP Offload SES

Businesses and developers cannot use a low quality email service. They need to use a flexible and scalable mail sending service. Different platforms are there to offer them such facilities. Amazon SES is one of these platforms. This platform is strongly suggested to app developers and marketers. Though it has several advantages, the process of using it is a big tough. And, it has some deliverability related issues. All these issues can be solved by WP Offload SES, which is an advanced product of Delicious Brains. Purchase the software with our coupon and all the latest features. Grab the WP Offload SES discount now.

Efficiency Tracking System

First of all, WP Offload SES will help sending mails over Amazon SES very efficiently. You just have to complete its setup process very easily. Sending mails by using this plugin is not the only important thing. It will help track every mail also. Generally, marketers use different tools to detect the opening and clicking rates. This software will let you detect those with ease. That is why, there is no need to depend on other tools. In doing so, this plugin will send an invisible image with every email. Whenever a recipient will open that mail, the number of views of that photo will be increased. So, it will be very easy to track the opening rate.

WP Offload SES

Send Rate Maxmizing

We know that every Amazon SES account has a send rate limit. Whenever, you will send more than that limit, there will be an error. And then, you will have to resend the rests. After purchasing WP Offload SES, there is no need to manually resend any mail. This software will automatically retry to send those mails. Similarly, you will also be able to retry manually. Sometimes, it can be necessary to resend a mail that is already sent. This software allows doing so. WP Offload SES has a search option to find out necessary mails in a quick time. The engagement rate of every message can also be detected by it.

WP Offload SES Coupon and Pricing

Some people may need WP Offload SES for only one website. The Bronze License is suitable to them. Its price is only USD 59 without the promo code. The Silver License supports 3 different WordPress sites. It can be bought by paying only USD 89. The Gold License of this product can be purchased by paying only USD 119. You will be able to use it on 5 production sites. Similarly, the Platinum and Adamantium Plans supports 10 and 20 sites respectively. These are available for only USD 149 and USD 179 respectively. A one-year software update facility is added to all the licenses of WP Offload SES.

Therefore, please purchase the software with our discount. For any information about WP Offload SES coupon please contact us.