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WP Offload Media discount

Visitors always love to visit fast loading websites. You have to offload the media files of your sites to make these speedier. WP Offload Media helps offload all kinds of media files to various storages with ease.

Review of WP Offload Media

Generally, a professional quality website must contain a big number of media files. These images, graphics, and videos make these websites slow. That is why, it is important to offload these things on different cloud storages. So, the loading pressure will be on these storages, not on your websites. Delicious Brains provides a very impressive solution that helps offload all kinds of media items. The name of that solution is WP Offload Media. If you are satisfied with the review please purchase with our discount. Grab the WP Offload Media coupon now.

Upload Media Library

One of the major reasons why people do not offload the media files of their sites is they find it difficult. WP Offload Media comes with a very impressive solution to this problem. You just have to start its offloading process once. Then, it will keep working in the background. Even, there is no need to think keep any browser tab open. You just have to open that when the progress is to be monitored. There is no need to login to any cloud storage to control that. Rather, it can be done very easily from a single place. WP Offload Media will provide you a single console to control Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and other storages. From that interface, it is possible to add, remove, and replace necessary media files with ease.

WP Offload Media

WP Offload Media Discount and Pricing

Like all other products of Delicious Brains, WP Offload Media comes with multiple licenses. The Bronze License is available for only USD 69 without any promo code. It is capable of offloading maximum 2000 items. The Silver license can be bought by paying only USD 99. This one supports 6000 items for offloading. Similarly, you have to pay only USD 199 to grab its Gold Plan that can work with 20 thousand items. Its Platinum License is available for only $249. It can offload up to 40000 media items. The WP Offload Media Unlimited License can be bought by paying $1199. This one supports unlimited media items.

Very Easy Setting

Though, this solution comes with several important features, its setting is very easy to be done. You will be able to on and off its operation very easily. The entire setting screen comes with every important option. There are various other offloading solutions that help uploading contents from a website to a server. Along with that feature, WP Offload Media also allows downloading backups from any server very quickly. No command lines or scripts are required for this task. Sometimes, you may need to create multiple buckets in the same backup storage. And then, this solution will help copying various items from one bucket and pasting those to another.

Hence, get the amazing software cheaply with our coupon. Hopefully, the WP Offload Media discount will make you happy.