WP Migrate DB Pro Coupon: Avail Cool Discount and Pricing

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Grab attractive 10% cash back as WP Migrate DB Pro coupon. This offer is for any license which includes Personal, Side, Developer as well as Studio plan.

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WP Migrate DB Pro Coupon

Sometimes we need to migrate a WordPress site very quickly. The manual process of doing this task is very difficult. For this reason, it is better to rely on a software or plugin. WP Migrate DB Pro is a top quality tool for this task.

Review of WP Migrate DB Pro

It can be very urgent to create a new website just like an old one. To overcome this situation, we generally migrate the old site and create a new one. There are different ways to do this task. But, you have to use an efficient and safe way. Otherwise, many important data will be lost. WP Migrate DB Pro comes with so many powerful features. This affordable plugin is capable of transferring the entire database with ease. For this reason, there will be no chance of losing any data. Take advantage of all the cool WPMDBP features with our coupon. Grab the WP Migrate DB Pro discount today. Here are some important features of this amazing tool:

Multiple Operations

One way migration facility is offered by so many tools. But, WP Migrate DB Pro is not like those ordinary tools. This plugin has bought the Push and Pull operations. By using its Pull Operation, you will be able to replace the current site’s database with a remote one. And, the reverse operation can be done by using its Push Operation. Sometimes, you may need to replace a few items of a database. In such a case, WP Migrate DB Pro will allow to use the Find & Replace Operation. Similarly, it also offers some easy export and import facilities.

WP Migrate DB Pro

WP Migrate DB Pro Coupon and Pricing

Delicious Brains, the creator of this plugin, always offers multiple license for its products. WP Migrate DB Pro also has three different plans. The Personal Plan of this product is available for only $99, as per this 13 November 2018. This license is suitable for working with only one active site. The Side Hustle Plan of this plugin can be bought by paying only $139 without the coupon. This one is suitable for dealing with 4 active sites. Compared with both these plans, my suggestion is to depend on the WP Migrate DB Pro Developer. This one is available for only 199 USD. By paying this little amount, you will be able to use it on 30 active sites. It also includes the Media Files, CLI, and Multisite Addons.

Creating Backups

We know that the migration process is a risky one. You have to create data backups before replacing those. This task can easily be done with the WP Migrate DB Pro. It will create a backup of your database before executing any migration operation. The entire process of this plugin will come step by step. For this reason, you will be able to take full control over the project. This plugin helps to access different important addons with ease.

Hence, please get the superb plugin with our discount. Hopefully, the WP Migrate DB Pro coupon will satisfy you.