WP Blazer Discount: Enjoy Excellent Coupon in 2017

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WP Blazer Discount

Generating a WordPress site is not a difficult task. Some of us have even a hundred of WP sites. Managing a single site is easy. But, managing multiple sites is not an easy task. To do this task, you need have a proper WordPress management solution. There are some recommendable solutions. Among them, my suggestion is to use WP Blazer.

Review and Features of WP Blazer

Managing a website has become more essential than ever. Nowadays, the number of hackers has been increased. So, after generating a website, you have to use a suitable backup solution. Similarly, it is also very important to protect that site from the hackers. To keep that site running, you have to deal with so many top quality contents. All these tasks should be done for a single site. So what should be done if there are many sites to manage? Well, you can use WP Blazer in these cases. This single solution comes with everything that is necessary for controlling a number of WP sites. If you liked the WPB features, then please purchase with our discount coupon. We believe that you are going to enjoy the WP Blazer coupon. Here are some major features and facilities of this solution:

Three-Step Process

Some very popular and powerful WP site manager tools are there. Some tools are too difficult to handle. So, these tools cannot be recommended to control so many WP sites. On the other hand, WP Blazer can be accessed very easily. This is an important reason why I recommend this solution. It offers a powerful cloud solution. You have to login to that platform first. So many WP sites can be added to that platform very easily. After adding these sites, this cloud management console will let you deal with every site from one place. WP Blazer will create regular backups for every site. That is why, you don’t have to worry if any site is being hacked.

WP Blazer

Install Themes & Plugins

Different types of tasks should be done for a single website. Among these tasks, installing some themes and plugins. WP Blazer will help you to do so for all the websites. Sometimes, it can be necessary to install a single plugin for each of the sites. This solution will let you do so from one place. The same operation can be done for any theme. This product will also help to update each of these themes and plugins from one place. WP Blazer is capable of generating some full-featured blogs very easily. We know that, there can be several users in a blog. This product is capable of adding a new user in just a few seconds.

Moderate the Comments

In your WP site or blog, there will be so many users. They will make some comments for every post. Sometimes, some comments can be irrelevant and unnecessary. As the admin, you will get the power to approve these comments. That means, WP Blazer will ensure that there is no unwanted comment. Similarly, this WP management platform is also helpful to moderate any comment. There are some similar platforms, which can work with a small number of blogs. But, this one is capable of dealing with unlimited blogs without any problem.

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Scheduled Backup

Another very important feature of WP Blazer is its scheduled backup system.  It is integrated with a secured cloud storage. Every theme, plugin, and other content of all the site will be stored there. A manual process for making these backups is there. You just have to provide one mouse click to do so. It can also work with a schedule for storing the backups automatically. Sometimes, a theme or plugin can be damaged with some bugs. In these cases, the backups can easily be restored.

WP Blazer Discount and Pricing

WP Blazer is worth more than a thousand dollars. It has three different licenses. None of these licenses will cost you even nowhere near a thousand dollars. Its monthly license can be purchased by paying only $9.97 per month excluding the discount. Compare to this one, its yearly plan is more cost effective. As per 1 November 2017, the price of this license is only $67 per year. You can also purchase its Lifetime License. This one is available for only 97 USD. And, a 30-day money back guarantee is also available with this one. WP Blazer allows to create some groups of websites. Then, this solution will deal with each group in a particular way to make your job a lot easier.

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