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Plenty of website builder are out there. But, all these tools are not suitable for creating career websites. If you want to create a personal career site or directory, then Workfolio is a great platform. It provides an easy way to generate these sites and directories.

Review and Features of Workfolio

Generally, we use conventional website builders to generate all kinds of websites. But, a career site should focus on your expertise and experiences. Similarly, a directory showcases the employees and clients of a company. These websites should not be created with an ordinary tool. You must use a specialized solution in doing such task. Our suggestion is to use Workfolio for this task. Often we see, a directory builder requires a big money to be bought. But, this one is an affordable solution too. Enjoy the amazing Workfolio features with our discount coupon. Grab the Workfolio coupon today with a single click.

Customizable Themes

Sometimes, a personal career website is necessary to promote your expertise. Every visitor is a potential client or customer. Hence, this type of website should be created with an eye-catching design. Workfolio provides top quality themes. These beautifully designed themes have professional touches. That is why, no visitor will consider your website a clumsy one. There are some ordinary products of other brands. These ordinary items will not highlight your story. Hence, visitors will not be able to know about your capabilities easily. But, Workfolio will give you a space to tell your stories. More importantly, it will place those things in such a way that visitors can access those easily. You don’t need to have any previous experience of generating websites to use this platform. It offers a few easy steps. Just complete these steps, and get your sites in minutes.


Domain and Hosting

There is no need to get a personal domain from any other platforms. Workfolio provides a personal domain. Executives often like to have private email addresses. These email addresses give a personal touch in the communication. You will get such email addresses from this platform. Similarly, you don’t have to deal with any kind of third party hosting facility. It comes with a secured hosting for the websites. Another important thing is to optimize a website for different websites. Workfolio automatically optimizes every site right from the beginning. Hence, it will get a big traffic in a quick time. Nowadays, professional websites have separate blogs. This platform will help you to create such blogs very easily. Various types of sharing tools are added here. That is why, promoting a website can be done without any big problem.

Professional Directory

A professional directory website is very important for all kinds of firms. A directory website shows the employee details and their career growth at a glance. Clients come to these sites to know about the people they want to work with. Workfolio helps to create these directories in an efficient way. Each directory will have a custom profile management facility. You can easily add employee profiles there. Sometimes, a client may need to know about a particular employee or post holder. A custom search option will be there to help each employee. Similarly, Workfolio also helps to add client pages. Along with the employee profiles, you will be able to address your clients there. People will see these pages and get a knowledge about the performance of your team.

Workfolio review

Mobile Optimization

Nowadays, a big number of visitors come from mobile devices. That is why, each Workfolio directory will be mobile optimized. Your site will suit will all kinds of device screens. Some additional facilities will also add by this product. For example, it helps to create admin groups. The members of this group will get an authority to manage unlimited members. Generally, an ordinary directory builder does not provide a white-label facility. Workfolio is not like those ordinary tools. It does not put its name or logo anywhere on a website or directory. Hence, you will get a professional feeling while accessing the site.

Workfolio Discount and Pricing

Personal career websites can generate by Workfolio beautifully. But, that does not mean you have to pay a big price. The Professional License of this solution can be bought by paying only USD 12.75 per month in a yearly billing system without any promo code. That means, your yearly cost will be only 153 USD, as per this post creating time. The Executive License of this platform is available for only 183.60 USD per year. This one is suitable if you want to create private websites. A personal email address is also added to this license. Workfolio has three different licenses for the directory sites. The Team License is for maximum 25 users. Its Company License can be bought for up to 250 users. And the Enterprise License can be bought for more than 250 users. It includes a custom training program.

Hence, please get the product to increase your visibility and make connection with your audiences using our coupon. If you have any query about the Workfolio discount, please contact with us anytime.