Work Examiner Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes January 2022

Avail 20% cashback for any of following license, providing as Work Examiner coupon.

Work Examiner Professional

Work Examiner Standard

1 year of Support and Updates for Professional

1 year of Support and Updates for Standard

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Work Examiner coupon

Company owners offer computers, sites, and networks to each employee. But, the web surfing report of each of them should be tracked. This task can easily be done by using Work Examiner.

Work Examiner Review

After recruiting and selecting employees, administrators should monitor them well. Nowadays, it is possible to monitor their computer and internet usage remotely. All you have to use a top quality employee monitoring software. There are lots of such tools. Work Examiner is one of those. It is a very efficient web surfing and employee monitoring tool. Purchase with software our coupon and enjoy all the exciting features. Grab the Work Examiner discount now.

Powerful Web Tracking

People often understand the website tracking as knowing the browser history. But, a web tracking means a lot more. Your company may have a big number of departments, computers, and users. These users will spend their time on web. But, the distribution of web surfing time of them should be known by you. This task can easily be done by using Work Examiner. It will inform you how much time is spent by each user on web. Their search requests on different search engines will be tracked with ease. Some of these search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Similarly, this software is capable of informing about the file downloads by HTTP and HTTPs protocols. Work Examiner is able to export usage data to XLS and PDF formats. Some other formats are also supported by it. This solution can create multiple categories of users depending on their usage.

Work Examiner

Screenshot Capturing

It is another great feature of this solution. It allows to capture the desktop screenshots of users in real time. At the same time, it can also record captured images that can be seen later. The quality and properties of each image can easily be customized. Each of these images will be saved as a JPEG file. And, these screenshots are very easily searchable in terms of date, user, computer, and other things. Work Examiner has an ability block several sites from your company network. No user will be able to access those sites. Whenever a user tries to access that, you will get a notification automatically. A content-based blocking system is also there.

Work Examiner Coupon and Pricing

If you want to monitor less that 20 computers from a single admin seat, then the Standard Edition of Work Examiner is suitable. Its unit cost is only $60 without the promo code. But, if the number of PC is 3 to 24, then the unit cost will be only $45. Similarly, a single PC license of the Professional Edition is available for only USD 60. But, in the case of monitoring 20-49, its unit cost will become only USD 45. And, if you get it for monitoring 50-99 devices, then this price will become only USD 43 per unit. It is possible to track more than three hundred devices by using the Work Examiner Professional.

So, please purchase the software cheaply with our discount. Hopefully the Work Examiner coupon will make you happy.