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WordPress Creation Kit Coupon

Most of the people think that they won’t be able to create intuitive websites without using PHP codes. But, it can be done with the help of WordPress and an impressive plugin. The name of this plugin is WordPress Creation Kit which is available under 3 different license.

WordPress Creation Kit Review

WordPress sites can be created by using various types of tools. But, all these themes and plugins are not suitable for making websites more professional. A professional WordPress site should have various types of fields. That should also support different post types. If you want to add these facilities on a site, then we recommend to use WordPress Creation Kit. This advanced plugin is a successful product of Cozmoslabs. It comes with various essential features. Get the plugin with our coupon to enjoy all the amazing features and benefits. Grab the WordPress Creation Kit discount now.

Repeater Custom Fields

There is no need to depend on a specific front-end template to design a site. You will be able to create these templates directly from the WordPress admin user-interface. Only a few clicks are required in doing so. WordPress Creation Kit will show you an easy way to complete these steps. It includes a tool to create custom fields and custom post types. Its advanced repeater custom field creator is very easy to use. Different types of swift templates are added to this plugin. You don’t have to purchase another tool for creating option pages. This plugin is capable of creating those with ease. These options pages are useful for different reasons. For example, you can use these pages for posting advertisements and small content pieces. WordPress Creation Kit allows to deal with different theme settings while using this options page creator.

WordPress Creation Kit

Front-end Posting

One of the finest features of this plugin is its front-end posting functionality. You will enjoy its front-end dashboard. This one is completely WYSWYG type. Different types of widgets are supported by this editor. Some of these widgets are register, login, and logout widgets. An advanced taxonomy creator is another great feature of WordPress Creation Kit. You will be able to create custom taxonomies by using it. There are various advanced labelling options also.

WordPress Creation Kit Coupon & Pricing

Generally, every product of Cozmoslabs has multiple licenses. WordPress Creation Kit also comes with three different licenses. Its Pro Version is available for only USD 139 without the coupon. After purchasing this version once, you will be able to use it on unlimited websites. It comes with the support and update facilities for one year. There are lots of users who want to get these facilities for a lifetime. In that case, the Unlimited License is suitable. To purchase this one, you have to pay only USD 399. Similarly, some people may need to use WordPress Creation Kit on only a single site. The Hobbyist License is recommended to them. To grab this one, only USD 49 should be paid. It also provides necessary updates and support facility for one year.

Therefore, please get the WordPress plugin cheaply with our discount. Hopefully, the WordPress Creation Kit coupon will satisfy your requirements.