WinCatalog Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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WinCatalog discount

Only a few tools are efficient for organizing files, folders, and disks in a Windows device. WinCatalog is one of these solutions. This software is suitable for individuals, professionals, and enterprises.

Review of WinCatalog

Lots of people do not use any kind of disk cataloger. Sometimes, they cannot find out the desired files and folders in their disks very easily. A disk cataloger is capable of organizing these contents pretty well. But, you have to select a professional quality tool for that task. We suggest WinCatalog for its ease of use, tons of features, and affordable pricing. If you are satisfied with the review of the disk catalog software please purchase with our discount. Grab the WinCatalog coupon now.

Easy Content Adding

WinCatalog comes with three amazing adding options. It is helpful for adding files, folders, and entire disks. Sometimes, a user need to scan all the disk contents while adding a new folder. This software does not need that. For this reason, it is faster and more efficient. It is also capable of scanning every file when it is necessary. And, the information regarding each scanned file will be saved for the future purposes. After adding a new folder or disk, there is no need to use another tool to see their tree structures. These structures will be shown automatically. WinCatalog is able to index literally all types of files. Some of these files are photos, videos, eBooks, HTMl, archives, and PDFs. For each type of file, it supports multiple formats. For example, for the music files, it supports various formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, and ASF.


Tag Management

Representing data and files are very important. In doing so, you have to use necessary tags to every file. This software allows to add unlimited tags. Whenever a specific tag will be selected, all the related files will be shown on the right. That means, you will be able to find out necessary items with ease. This software allows to create and add these tags manually. And, it can do this task automatically by depending on file names and types. Another nice feature of WinCatalog is its automatic disk updating capability. While updating a disk, it skips the unmodified files. That is why, it can work faster than an ordinary tool.

The features of WinCatalog can be availed amazingly using our coupon here. Extra discount not needed for the discl catalog software.

Add Disk and Folders

WinCatalog comes with a capability to add three types of file content. You can use it to add the entire disk to the catalog. Sometimes, you may not want to add an entire disk. In such case, it is possible to add specific folders. Similarly, this software allows to add individual files as per necessity. There are some additional facilities for which locating a disk or folder in a catalog is very easy. For example, this software helps assign each disk with a certain number. So, it will be very easy to find out the desired one. WinCatalog is able to show necessary details of every folder and file whenever that is selected. All these details will be shown in the right panel of its interface.

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Supports Various Files

There are lots of tools that help add different kinds of file and folders to catalogs. But, the most of these tools do not support all the file types. WinCatalog is not like these low-quality tools. This software supports all types of e-Books, PDFs, archives, photos, and videos. It is able to scan an entire disk or folder with its built-in searching function. Most importantly, this tool is able to remember different file attributes. Sometimes, there are several music files that are archived as a single file. There is no need to use a separate extractor to add these things in a catalog. WinCatalog is able to extract these files automatically. In doing so, it supports lots of music file types. Some of these file types are MP3, WAV, M4A, and WMA.

It is not necessary to use a separate tool for creating virtual disks and folders. This software is capable of creating virtual disks with ease. After that, you will be able to add files to these disks. And, it also helps moving files between virtual disks. Adding and moving these files is very easy.

WinCatalog Discount and Pricing

Two amazing licenses of WinCatalog are available for affordable prices. The Personal License is for individuals. This one is available for only $29.95 without any promo code in 2021. It comes with an unlimited installation facility. If you want to get this software for commercial and professional projects, then the Professional License is suitable. It can be bought by paying only $49.95. A priority maintenance support has made it strongly recommended. There is a volume voucher facility with each license of WinCatalog. For an example, in the case of purchasing 2-4 licenses, there will be a 10% voucher. If you get 5-9 licenses, then you will get a 20% voucher. Similarly, more purchases will decrease the unit cost.

Hence, get the software cheaply with our coupon and enjoy all the features and benefits offered. Hopefully, the WinCatalog discount will make you happy.