Webroot Review, Smart Cybersecurity Solution for Home and Business

The Webroot software company is one of those companies which provide some efficient protection tools for different types of devices such as the Windows PC, Macs and Android devices. This company provides only a few products, but all the products are very high in quality and feature. Each of the products of Webroot has one common feature and that is the quickest. That means if you use any product of this company to your any devices. Then this software will operate all the tasks very quickly.

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Products and Review of the Webroot

We can divide the protection products of this company into mainly two categories. You will be able to find the product of Webroot for the devices of your home and also this company provides the products of the business related to computers. Various sub-categories are there for each of the categories. Those sub-categories depend on the type of devices to which the products will be installed. In this article, we have discussed about the main products, of home and business categories, of the Webroot Company.

SecureAnywhere Antivirus

This antivirus can act as the elimination of all types of threats like the viruses and the spywares. Important thing is it can detect and delete not only the know threats, but also those threats which are completely new or unknown type of. Real time protection engine had made this product very strong. For all the computer users the cyber criminal or the hackers are really big threats. You have to use such protection software which can stop all types of hacker attempts.

SecureAnywhere is such type of security software. Even it will monitor the social media accounts to detect and stop the web threats. Any dangerous link which will be shown in the search results will be checked by this antivirus and then it will mark the dangerous links very efficiently. So you will be able to know about the harmful websites before visiting those. To protect your digital identities this software is more than efficient. If you use this software to your Mac or your PC, then you will be able to use your online bank accounts for different purposes. One of the most important features of this Webroot product is it will not slow down your device. So we can say that, as an antivirus, this product is stronger than most of the antivirus tools of other companies.

SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus

One of the most popular products of the Webroot Company is the Internet Security Plus which has tons of important features and that is why this product can be recommended to you. First considerable thing about this product is its versatility. Like the Antivirus product of the same brand, SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus can be used in the Macs and PCs. But the advantage of this product is we can use it also for the security of the Android smartphones and the tablets as well. So if you buy this product then you don’t have to buy additional products of the security of the devices on your home.

SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete

Just like the Plus version of the SecureAnywhere Internet Security, the Complete version of the same product is also very much versatile. Because you can also use this product to all the devices on your home. The highly fast scanning engine is one of the best advantages of this software. Without doing any harm to the system performance, this software can make the devices secured from all types of computer threats as well as the web threats. The anti-phishing engine of this software is also very impressive. So that no phishing programs will be able to collect your personal or confidential data. The banking security program on the SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete is very much effective to protect all the accounts and transaction information.

SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Security

If you are the owner of a business organization than a perfect endpoint security tool is very much essential for you. That type of tool can provide the maximum protection for all the devices on your network. In this case you can use the SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Security which is a very strong product of the Webroot Company. It has very fast and efficient protection engine which will work against the threats very efficiently. This product has very the strongest anti-malware engine which will make your system free from all types of malwares.

Most important and attractive feature of this product is it can run in parallel with the other existing protection tools of your network. Almost all the strong endpoint security tools of the other companies make the system slower and damage the performance a little bit. SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Security will not do any harm to the system speed and performance.

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Other Products of the Company

Some other products are also provided by this company. Those products are also high in quality and features. SecureAnywhere Mobile is one of those products and we can use these products for the protection of the iPhones, iPads and the Android devices. It can block the viruses very strongly and more importantly, it can also block all the mobile threats. If you have this then you will be able to browse webs without any tension. As it will detect and stop all the web threats. It will take update regularly and that is why it will work against the latest types of threats.

With the help of this product you will be able to access and protect the data which are stored in the lost devices. Webroot offers the Spy Sweeper tool which will help you to stay away from the spywares. The business version of the SecureAnywhere Mobile Protector can use for the protection of the mobile devices. Normal we use these versions in the enterprises.

System Requirements and Supports

It is not necessary to use the latest editions of the operating systems to use the products of the Webroot brand. Because the products of this brand can work with the older and even classic editions of the operating systems. The PC products of this company are Windows 8 compatible. That is why you can install those products to your PC where the Windows 8 operating system is installed. Webroot offers great supports to the customers. You can contact the Webroot team for any queries. This company has blogs and other community from where you can get help about any problem while using the products of this company.