Webminds Review & Pricing Plan

Webminds has a lot of facilities that can drive a lot of free space in the device. For example, it can remove all the duplicate files from your device and provide you optimized space. It has an easy scanning system that helps you to find the duplicate document with very ease. As a result, keeping the computer clean will be easier in few steps. It has completely professional people who can keep all the data secured.


Webminds Review

Webminds has other facilities as well included. With this tool, you can easily add the services and products to maximize the conversion ratio and drive sales. With this tool, you can sign photo and remove all the duplicate photos. The Easy Duplicate Finder product of this tool provides 100 percent accuracy. It finds out the data and figure out documents, songs and more and delete those media files. You can easily remove any duplicate files and media files with this tool. Due to having largely demanding software on your computer, you need to keep extra safe. Because Webminds produces data that can slow down the computer. It can also easily remove the duplicate files in google drive.

Highlights of the Applications

In google drive, you can approximately store 15 gigabytes. So storing unnecessary data will eat up space for you to store important data. In this case, Webminds will allow you to delete duplicate files so that you can keep space always in your google drive. The installation of this tool can be done in Windows and Mac. It has easily filed shredder that allows you to shred files and keep the data clean from the computer and keep the computer optimized.

Webminds review

Advanced Backup

Webminds has a product that allows you to backup the data. It advanced backup and recovery for your computer that allows you to backup computer data at a fast pace and provides you better results eventually. You can make sure that you never lose the data at any point as it works as data recovery that allows you to keep data secured. Webminds has digital photography that allows publishing photos online in a short time. It has an easy file shredder that allows to shred files almost immediately and get a very clean computer at any point.

Pricing Plans of Webminds

Webminds has many products that sell at a cheap rate. For example, in this case, if you purchase duplicate file remover for one PC you can get the product for 39.95 dollars. For 3 computers the price of this application is set at only 49.95 dollars. It has duplicate photo cleaners that for 10 computers are priced at only 69.95 dollars. All the applications available under Webminds have a similar set of price range at this moment.