We-Connect Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes October 2021

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Have We-Connect coupon as cash rebate on your purchase amount. We will provide 20% cash back for monthly plan 1st invoice or 10% cashback for annual plan 1st invoice.

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We-Connect coupon

If you are looking for generating mass leads from LinkedIn, then we suggest to use We-Connect. This cloud-based lead generation tool can perform several operations automatically. It is an affordable software also.

We-Connect Review

A big number of marketers overlook LinkedIn while starting a lead generation project. That is why, they purchase such solutions that cannot deal with LinkedIn. But, this platform is a big source of leads. You just have to use a reliable LinkedIn automation software to grab these opportunities. Only a few tools are recommendable in this case. We-Connect is one of these solutions. This software provides tons of essential features. Avail the lead generation tool we offered here with our coupon. Grab the We-Connect discount now. Some of these features and facilities are as follows:

Multiple Campaigns

Unlike conventional LinkedIn networking automation solutions, We-Connect supports various types of campaigns. For example, this one is able to follow people automatically. Even, you don’t have to visit any profile manually. Rather, this software will do that for you with its profile visit facility. Sometimes, you may need to run “invite new connections” campaigns. These projects can also be controlled by this tool. Similarly, it is able to run some other campaigns. Another advantage of We-Connect is you don’t need to download any extension to use it. This one is a cloud-based solution. There are some other cloud-based tool that works automatically whenever any user login there. But, this one runs on the background even when you are not logged in. That is why, it is more effective than any other conventional software.


Bulk Messaging

After purchasing this software, you don’t have to face any difficulty regarding bulk messaging. It is capable of sending multiple follow up messages with ease. Similarly, you are allowed to create schedules of drip sequences. Monetization of networks is also possible by using it. It supports email-like drip sequences that will increase the rate of replies. Another important thing is this software supports bulk invites. You will be able to scale up the lead generation campaigns as per necessity. Every campaign provides tons of necessary data. We-Connect can export these data, profiles, emails, and phone numbers. You will be able to use these data for the further analysis.

The We-Connect benefits can enjoy using the discount here. Do not need for extra coupon for the LinkedIn automation software.

Highlights of the Application

We-Connect helps to search for millions of prospects in the long run and find the prospect that is ready to purchase the product.  It helps to save the list of unlimited numbers. Users can just keep on adding a new customer list to the site and drive better sales in the long run. It helps also to start the outreach campaign on unlimited leads straight away. As a result, whatever leads are gathered through the campaign that are directly targeted and tried to convert them as customers to the site in the long run. The program also provides extra safety to the users. It makes sure that you get a unique IP address that has the location of yours.

The IP address will be out of tracking of others and the campaigns can be safely run on these IP addresses. We-Connect will help by running automation and still keeping the human nature of the IP address. So it is quite secure and it will be easier to keep the devices of yours out of harm to you. In addition to that, it helps by providing the new leads to the inbox every single day. So that people can check the leads in the inbox every day and modify their campaign according to the leads.

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Book Meetings

We-Connect will help to set up new meetings with the leads so that more leads can be converted into long-term customers. It helps to set up the emails of drip so that it keeps on going regularly and monetize the network. So that when running campaigns the commissions also can be earned. So that it will be easier to create multiple income streams. We-Connect will also save hours of hard work on setting up an email campaign as it runs an automated email campaign based on a LinkedIn profile and converts more audience to the site.

We-Connect Coupon & Pricing

We-Connect can be purchased for a single user by paying only $49 per month without the promo code in 2021. Sometimes, a single license can be necessary for a group of users. In such cases, you have to purchase a multi-user license. For an example, it this one is to be bought for 5 users, then only $245 should be paid in a month. There are lots of users who need this LinkedIn lead generation solution for years. Its annual license is suitable to them. This license is even more cost effective. Every license of We-Connect can easily be integrated with Sales Navigator and free LinkedIn.

Hence, please get the software with our discount for the cloud based LinkedIn automation software. For any kind of information about the We-Connect coupon please contact us.