VoiceStak Coupon, Have Discount and Pricing for the Software

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VoiceStak coupon

Instead of creating conventional websites, you have to make these more attractive and engaging. There are various ways to do so. VoiceStak offers an impressive technique. It is actually capable of capturing voice and video messages of the visitors.

Review of VoiceStak at a Glance

Internet users or visitors do not love watching same old type of website anymore. They love to watch unique designs and engaging contents. So, you have to provide something new to your site. We know that almost every company has its website where visitors can visit to know about the products and services. They also allow customers to ask various questions and make comments. Instead of conventional text messaging, you can allow them to send voice and video messages. This task can easily be done by using VoiceStak. This affordable solution has several impressive features. Purchase the software cheaply with our coupon. Grab the VoiceStak discount now.


Simple and Effective

This software is very simple for adding to any website. You will be able to add it on any kind of pages. A more important thing is, visitors will face no problem while capturing or sending messages. When they will visit your site, they will see a popup that will ask them to leave a message. Visitors will see two options showing voice and video messages. By selecting any of those, they will be able to record what they want to say. No additional software is required in their PC or mobile. VoiceStak will allow them to listen and watch what they have recorded. If the message is okay, they can send immediately. By offering this facility, you will be able to get some additional info of every visitor. For example, it is possible to collect their names and email addresses very easily.

VoiceStak Coupon and Pricing

You can purchase VoiceStak on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis. The Monthly License of this solution is available for only USD 17 per month without the coupon. Its normal price was USD 27 per month. But now, you are getting for special price. Similarly, the normal price of the Yearly License was USD 297 per year. But now, it is available for only USD 97 per year. As there is a 30-day money back guarantee, you don’t have to worry while paying for it. VoiceStak widgets are compatible with Google Chrome. And, you can use these with other popular web browsers as well.

Available Marketing Facilities

VoiceStak comes with various widgets. Each of these widgets is customizable. You will be able to place these contents on the sidebars and footers of webpages. And, it will help you set triggered widgets also. There are various SMS marketing platforms, including CallRail, Twilio, and CallFire, etc. This solution is compatible with all these platforms. Similarly, it works with various emailing platforms. VoiceStak allows to upload voice messaged directly to different YouTube Channels. You can use it with various CMSs, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Therefore, purchase the website creator with our discount. For any information about VoiceStak coupon please contact us.