Voice Pro Medical Discount: Get Special Coupon in 2018

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Voice Pro Medical Discount

A voice recognition tool can be used for different personal tasks. And, it can also be used for some professional purposes. For example, Voice Pro Medical is a voice recognition tool, which can be used for different types of medical professional related tasks.

Review of the Voice Pro Medical

Many people believe that a conventional voice recognition tool can be used in all kinds of project. Yes, such a tool is perhaps suitable for all kinds of personal projects. But, if you want to deal with some medical related projects, then a conventional tool cannot be considered as suitable. In these cases, my recommendation is to pick the Voice Pro Medical. This amazing voice recognition tool is a project of the famous Linguatic brand. Avail the voice recognition tool with our discount. We believe that the Voice Pro Medical coupon is going to be loved by you. Let’s have a look at some impressive features and facilities of this product:

Accuracy Guaranteed

Different companies provide various types of voice recognition tools. But, the most of these tools are not accurate. When you will deal with a medical related project, it is very important to pick an accurate tool. Voice Pro Medical arises with a solution to this problem. It is a powerful voice recognition tool that shows 99% accuracy. At the same time, you can consider it as one of the fastest voice recognition tools of this world. It is capable of typing 165 words in a minute. That means, it is about three times faster than the human typing. Voice Pro Medical comes with a big vocabulary list. We know there are different medical areas. Some of these areas are surgery, HNO, and radiology. This software has a big vocabulary list for each of these segments.

Voice Pro Medical

Voice Pro Medical Discount and Pricing Option

After considering some basic features of Voice Pro Medical, you may have a feeling that it is a costly solution. But surprisingly, this software is completely affordable. According to 22 March 2018, this software can be purchased by paying only 369 EUR without the discount. This software has a very impressive voice dictation facility. To input the voice commands, there is no need to depend on any third party headset. This product of Linguatic comes with a top quality USD headset. An attractive update facility is available if you have the previous version of Voice Pro Medical. In such a case, only 299 EUR should be paid. This product is compatible with any version of Windows OS.

Supports Various Dictaphones

This software supports various external audio sources. That means, you will be allowed to use different types of Dictaphones. These tools will record your voice commands in different formats. Then, the Voice Pro Medical will type the texts of these commands. And, it can also perform some operations depending on these commands. As the audio formats, this tool supports MP3, WAV, and some other popular formats.

So, please get the voice recognition tool with our coupon. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy the Voice Pro Medical discount.