VMware Socialcast Discount: Avail Special Coupon and Review

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VMware Socialcast Discount

VMware Socialcast Features and Review

Nowadays, various kinds of social networking platforms are available. For an example, Facebook is the most popular social network of the world. But is it an enterprise network? No, it is not. Anyone can use Facebook for sharing their personal thoughts and communicating with others. But for various reasons, enterprise level social networking platform may be needed. VMware Socialcast is one of such networks. It is one of the most popular products ever offered by VMware Company. You can make a purchase of VMS at a much reasonable price by availing our coupon. The VMware Socialcast discount is going to come in handy. Some major features and facilities of this are as follows:

Complete Tasks Faster

There are many advantages of the VMware Socialcast. One of those is it can bring more and more people at one place. And then it can bring more ideas from them. That is why, you can combine many ideas to complete your job perfectly and more quickly. High level of collaboration is another huge advantage of this social networking platform. It lets the users to access your network from anywhere and any device. People from all over the world can access the network offered by VMware Socialcast. Maintaining the workflows and productivity is very important. For doing so, there will be no big difficulty to face. Centralized controlling is another benefit of this solution. From one console, it is possible to control the productivity.

VMware Socialcast


Easy for Sharing

VMware Socialcast offers very friendly and flexible environment. It lets the users to organize their conversions very easily. Similarly, it supports very impressive file sharing facility. You can manually share any type of file or use flexible drag and drop functionality for such thing. Auto synchronized chatting is another useful feature of this product. That means, you can chat with others from any device from your account and there is no need of manual synchronization. But from using this one mobile phone, VMware Socialcast mobile app must be installed there. This social networking platform has amazing notification facility too. For every new person follows you, it can send email notification instantly.

VMware Socialcast Discount and Pricing Plans

Most of the VMware products are available with multiple pricing options. Socialcast is also not different than those. You can purchase this depending on the targeted number of users. If that number is more than 500+, then On-Premise pack can be suggested. Cost of this one is only $7.58 per user for one month. In case of this one, only few hours should be spent for the deployment on site. Instead of this one, VMware Socialcast Hosted SaaS can be chosen. Cost of this one is only $2.58 per user per month as of March 24, 2017 excluding the discount. The important thing is, this one is available only for more than 1 thousand users. The main advantage of this product is it is hosted in more secured data center. It is more flexible and scalable than the other option.

So, avail the brilliant social networking platform with our coupon. If you have any question regarding the VMware Socialcast discount, please contact us.