VIVAHR Discount: Get Coupon on Tracking System Software

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VIVAHR discount

There are different types of applicant tracking systems. You have to choose a reliable solution to deal with this very important task. Our suggestion is to use VIVAHR which is a popular ATS solution.

Features and Review of VIVAHR

Several steps are there in an employee recruitment campaign. You have to make job postings first. Then, these things should be shared among various networks. Collecting employee CVs is another important task. And then, collecting info, CV rating, interviewing, selecting, and other tasks are there. All these tasks can easily be handled with a professional ATS solution. VIVAHR is an amazing solution handling employee hiring campaigns. If you liked the review of VIVAHR, then please purchase with our discount. The VIVAHR coupon will be really useful for you.

Job Posting & Sharing

Before hiring candidates, you have to share job postings on various platforms. This software will help to share those on job sites, partner’s websites, and social networks. Then, each of your job postings will attract candidates to submit their CVs. After that, you will be able to collect their info in various CSV files. Sometimes, you may work under a company to select candidates. In such a case, create a suitable report is very important. VIVAHR helps to generate such reviews with ease. Even, it helps to generate a database for candidates.


VIVAHR Discount and Pricing

Lots of people want to get a software in a monthly billing system. But, a big number of users love to have a product by paying annually, which is a money-saving option. In this review, we have shown the cost of VIVAHR in a yearly billing system. The Free License of this solution is available for only 25 candidates per month. It supports only one location. The Grow Plan can be enjoyed by spending only USD 59 per month without any promo code. This license supports 10 locations and unlimited candidates. Sometimes, you may need to work with more locations. In that case, VIVAHR Corporate is suitable. Unlimited candidates and unlimited locations can be managed by it. This license supports unlimited job postings too.

Team Collaboration

While hiring candidates, you may need to work in a team. Sometimes, it can be necessary to depend on several teams for new hires. That is why, a team collaboration system is very important. VIVAHR has a customized team collaboration facility. It will help you to get inputs from different teams with ease. This software will also help to control members. For example, you may allow only a few members to access resumes of candidates. Similarly, adding and removing team members can also be done very easily. It comes with an advanced rating system. Every team will give own rating about every candidate. Then, VIVAHR will sync all these ratings and give a final rating for every participant. So, it will be very easy for you to find out top candidates.

Therefore, please grab the awesome product with our coupon at a more affordable price. For any more information and features on the VIVAHR discount, please contact us.