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VisualVisitor coupon

Driving a big number visitors to a website is important. But, a more important thing is to identify them. After identifying, it is possible to treat them differently. There are only a few tools that are able to track the website visitors. Visual Visitor is one of these tools.

Review of Visual Visitor at a Glance

Lots of companies offer website marketing tools. These tools help to drive a big traffic in a quick time. Similarly, lead generation tools are also there to create lists of these visitors. But, identifying them separately cannot be done with the most of these tools. Without identifying, it is not possible deal with anonymous visitors separately. Our request is to depend on Visual Visitor in doing this task. It is capable of offering unlimited notifications regarding visitor activities. If you liked the VV review, then please purchase the software with our discount coupon. The Visual Visitor discount will be really helpful for you.

Generate Sales Leads

We cannot identify website visitors manually. But, it is very important to identify them separately. Visual Visitor helps to do so. It will find out the reasons why they are on your website. It will also find out places where they have come from. Similarly, some of other important data can also be found by using this solution. After knowing these facts, you will be able to convert them into customers. After purchasing it, there is no need to depend on any more lead generating tools. This solution has a very impressive sales lead generation system. You don’t have to login to a particular tool to get these leads. Visual Visitor has an instant mailing system. It will send the list of leads to your emails. You will be able to access these lists from any desktop or mobile device.


Tag Your Visitors

Sometimes, it becomes very important to run email campaigns more efficiently. There are different types of ways to make an email campaign more profitable. For example, you can mention recipient names to grab their attention. Visual Visitor helps to do it with ease. While writing an email, you just have to tag a visitor’s name. It will automatically import these visitors from the list of leads. That means, you can integrate this solution with any emailing campaign. Another important feature of it is the form capturing facility. All kinds of website forms can easily integrate with it. After that, you will be able to import those forms into a suitable CRM. Visual Visitor offers a form capture configuration page to do this task. In doing so, it only requires URLs where the forms are added.

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Seamless Integration

A marketer may need to automate several types of tasks. An automation facility can easily share all the data among various web applications. Generally, an ordinary visitor identification system supports cutting-edge tools to integrate with. Visual Visitor is capable of working with those popular tools. At the same time, it works with hundreds of other tools. More than 750 apps can easily integrate with this one. An impressive website visitor analytics solution is added to Visual Visitor. Every website is a source of visitor data. Collecting one or two pieces of information is possible from a website very easily. But, gathering all the available data is not possible if you do not have a suitable software. This powerful software will do it very efficiently. For example, you will be able to know the number of unique visitors and return visitors to a site.

VisualVisitor review

Efficient Mail Tracking

We have already mentioned that, Visual Visitor is helpful for sending mails to a big list of recipients. Sending emails is not the only important thing. You have to monitor the performance of these mails. This software helps to do it very impressively. Suppose, a new prospect has opened your email. Visual Visitor will instantly send you an email and a desktop notification. Such a notification will show various data. For example, a notification will show the opening time and date. Even, location based data can also be found by using it.

Visual Visitor Coupon and Pricing

There is a basic plan and a custom plan of Visual Visitor. Its basic plan can be accessed by paying only USD 59 per month without the promo code. Different types of facilities are added to this license. For example, you will get a real-time visitor identification facility with it. Generally, a visitor tracking tool is able to send a limited number of mail notifications. But, this one is capable of sending unlimited notifications. Another important thing is, 3 different users will be able to use a single license of it. You will also get an advanced call tracking facility in it. This facility comes with 5 local numbers and 100 local minutes. A call recording facility has also been added in it. Visual Visitor has a custom plan too. You can easily add some additional facilities by purchasing this license. For example, white label services are can be added here.

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