Virtual Tour Solution Discount: Get Magnificent Coupon and Pricing

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Grab fabulous 10% cash back on any Windows and Mac license purchase, providing as Virtual Tour Solution discount. Please check the discount in VTS image.

Virtual Tour Solution Discount

Easypano is a software company, which comes with only a few products. Virtual Tour Solution is undoubtedly the most powerful tool among all these. This solution is the combination of Tourweaver and Panoweaver. These are two other popular products of the same company.

A Quick Review of Virtual Tour Solution

You can invite so many customers to visit your plot, plant, or store. But, many of them will not have enough time to visit that manually. That is why, so many professional provides some virtual tours to their customers. This task can be done with the help of a virtual tour generating tool. Some panoramic images should be used for these projects. A professional tool should be used for generating these images. Instead of purchasing these two tools separately, you can purchase the Virtual Tour Solution. This affordable software suite comes with a big number of features and benefits. Avail the big number of features and benefits of VTS with our discount. Just follow the VTS image procedure to grab the Virtual Tour Solution coupon. Some of the features are:

Creates Different Tours

There is no need to depend on any other tools to generate different types of tours after purchasing Virtual Tour Solution. This software suite comes with very effective tour generating solution. This tool will let you use any panoramic or ordinary image to generate the tours. Different sectors of that tour can be identified with different hotspots or popup windows. For each of these popups, you will be allowed to add different content. For example, it is possible to add some images and texts for every section of your virtual tour. Similarly, Virtual Tour Solution helps to different videos and vocals for the tours.

Virtual Tour Solution Discount and Pricing

It should be already understood that this software suite is very powerful. At the same time, it is an affordable solution too. The Virtual Tour Solution can be purchased by paying only 1099 USD excluding the discount as of 20 March 2018. This solution has a separate editions for the Windows and Mac operating systems. Both these editions are available for the same price. Another important thing is, you will be allowed to switch between the Windows and Mac license keys anytime. There is no need to pay any fee for getting any technical support from Easypano. Some free updates will also be provided whenever that is necessary.

Generates Panoramic Images

Virtual Tour Solution provides the Panoweaver, which is a full-featured panoramic image generating tool. All you need is to import some photos and then, this software will automatically stitch those photos. That stitched panoramic photo can easily be customized. You will be able to resize that and add some texts. Then, that photo can be saved for further publishing. This tool of Virtual Tour Solution supports different types of photos as the inputs. Some of these inputs are HDR images, Fisheye photos, and all kinds of wide-angle photos. It will not add any kind of branding on any image.

So, please get the virtual tour software with our coupon. Hopefully, the Virtual Tour Solution discount is going to get you impressed.