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URL Pixel Coupon

Though there are so many traffic boosting tools, all these tools are not efficient. There are only a few tools, which can do this task in the different, but effective fashion. URL Pixel is one of these tools. Many marketers consider this as a top quality popup overlay software.

Review of the URL Pixel

Traffic generation is not a very easy task. You have to complete so many steps to complete a traffic generation campaign. For example, many people try to apply different techniques to run a campaign. But, they forget to look at what their competitors do. For this reason, they cannot outsmart those competitors. Similarly, some other smart decisions should be taken to win the battle. URL Pixel is a smart solution for generating a huge traffic. Avail the smart solution with our coupon. We hope, the URL Pixel discount will be liked by you. It comprises of several useful features. Some of the major features are as follows:

Spying on Competitors

URL Pixel is capable of spying on your competitors very efficiently. It will track the viral sites of them and then expose their strategies. So, you will be able to make your site viral by using their methods. It also helps to hijack their traffic to your site. Generating an overlay popup is another important feature of this software. You have to enter an URL. Then, it will help to add a popup with ease. This popup can be used for showing different discount offers or affiliate offers. URL Pixel has a built in link shortener. This tool is able to create unique links with ease.

URL Pixel

Tools and Training

Along with a link shortening tool, this solution provides some other tools. Bookmarklet is one of these tools. Whenever you will visit a site, it will create a bookmark of that. And then, it will save that to your account. So, you will be able to find that site very quickly in the future. URL Pixel also has the Developer API and Full Page Scripts. It provides total 21 training videos. These training videos are related to the Facebook remarketing strategies.

URL Pixel Coupon and Affordable Pricing

There should not be any doubt that URL Pixel comes with a big number of important features. But, this powerful software is not a costly one. As per this post creating time, it can be bought by only 47 USD excluding the coupon. And, it is its one-time fee. There are some other solutions, which can increase the traffic from only one or two platforms. URL Pixel is able to do so by dealing with various platforms. Some of these platforms are Facebook, Google, and Twitter, etc. There is no risk in purchasing this software, because it has a 30-day money back guarantee. That means, you can be sure that it will provide all the pro features.

Hence, get the amazing URLPC with our discount. We hope, you will be satisfied with our URL Pixel coupon.