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UpViral discount

Various types of online marketing systems are out there. Among these systems, the referral or giveaway marketing is one of the most effective ones. But, all marketing solutions cannot create and handle these campaigns. You have to take help from a specialized solution like UpViral for this task.

Review and Features of UpViral

A referral marketing program allows a marketer to use current subscribers to generate new ones. Current subscribers get an incentive or prize for each share, lead generation, or visit. The entire viral giveaway marketing campaign can easily be designed and controlled by a powerful solution. The name of that solution is UpViral. Additional discount code is not needed for this tool. You may claim UV with our above mentioned process. This powerful solution comprises of a big number of important tools and features. Get the marketing software easily with our discount. Grab the UpViral coupon now.

Email Automation System

Generally, a powerful online marketing platform is very difficult to use. Actually, these solutions comprise of several important tools. That is why, users usually face difficulties while dealing with these tools separately. UpViral has solved this problem. This referral marketing platform provides a very easy user interface. It is possible to access all the tools from this single interface. That is why, you will not face any major problem. The email automation facility of this solution is very impressive. Along with conventional mails, this software comes with a timed mailing facility. That means, the mails will be sent depending on the user’s actions. Sometimes, marketers add Facebook, Twitter, and other social buttons to their emails. UpViral allows to add those buttons with ease. Similarly, automated alert mails, and follow-up mails can also be sent by using it.


A/B Testing Facility

Every lead magnet page may not perform well. Marketers often use a separate A/B testing tool to judge the potential of each page. You don’t have to depend on any such tool. UpViral offers a powerful A/B testing facility. This tool will automatically find out lead magnet pages that show excellent opt-in rates. Similarly, every thank-you page may not get the same number of shares. It will find out thank-you pages that get more shares. Another important feature of this software is its email opening rate detection facility. So, you will be able to find out the best performing emails with ease. UpViral helps generating more leads using the current ones. In doing so, you just have to add different links to every email. These mails will ensure more shares, and more leads.

Referral Link System

Referral marketing is not just like other online marketing systems. You have to create unique referral invite links very carefully. Otherwise, the entire system will not perform well. This kind of links can easily be created with UpViral. Each of these links should be given to a particular participant. And, they will be given different points depending on their performances. For example, you can give specific points for every visit or every share. They may also get points for every lead generated by them. This software has a very impressive referral link system to complete all these tasks with ease. UpViral is helpful for offering extra incentives for every share. So, participants will be engaged in your marketing programs.

UpViral review

Custom Rewarding Facility

A suitable rewarding system is important for all kinds of referral marketing platforms. Instead of offering the same reward to all, professional marketers often offer different rewards for different tasks. UpViral helps offer various rewards. For example, you can provide a goal-based reward system. A participant may get a specific reward for a specific number of shares on Facebook. The point based rewarding facility is another useful one. As a reward, you can provide various incentives, discount coupons, and downloadable files. UpViral will do all these things automatically. So, participants don’t have to wait to get their rewards. This software has a very easy contest setup system. Various schedules can also be set for each of these contests. It supports multiple prize notification facilities.

UpViral Discount and Pricing

The Standard License of UpViral supports unlimited viral giveaway campaigns. Similarly, you will be able to create unlimited viral contests with it. All these campaigns may need a big number of email subscribers. That is why, this software supports unlimited subscribers and autoresponder integrations. And, it will provide unlimited notifications also. You just have to pay USD 35 to access this license without any promo code. Along with all these features, the Pro License comes with something more. For example, it supports 3 email identities. No ‘powered by’ section will be there to any email in that is created by using the Pro license. The A/B testing facility is only available to this license. You will face no problem to generate any share or sign-up link. Only one click is required to do so. Its monthly price is only USD 49. Both these licenses of UpViral come with an advanced reporting system.

So, purchase the software easily with our coupon. For any information about UpViral discount please contact us.