Uplisting Coupon: Avail Discount on Short Term Rental Software

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Signup for the free trial with above ‘Redeem’ link. Once you upgrade to the paid plan, claim 15% PayPal cashback on 1st Invoice, providing as Uplisting coupon. Kindly see following Uplisting image for this coupon.

Uplisting coupon

To offer the short term lets, we depend on various platforms. Airbnb and Booking.com are two popular platforms in doing so. To manage the lets on these platforms, you can use Uplisting. This property management software is efficient and already proven.

A Small Review of the Uplisting

It is not difficult to upload various listings and bookings on multiple websites. Suppose, you have posted several listings and bookings. After that, it can be necessary to change the availabilities and rates of these listings. In that case, you have to go to those websites and change these data manually. This task will require several hours. There is another way to do it in just a minute. You have to use Uplisting, which will provide you a centralized dashboard. If the review of Uplisting impressed you, please get the discount coupon following the instruction in the image. Grab the Uplisting discount today.

Channel Management

Generally, we access available bookings on various platforms separately. It takes a big time and effort. Uplisting will make this task easier. You will be able to access all the available bookings from a single place by using this solution. It collects available bookings from Booking.com, HomeAway, and Airbnb, etc. You will get an amazing calendar where every booking detail will be shown. Generally, property managers need to maintain multiple accounts on every booking site. An ordinary booking management solution cannot connect multiple accounts of the same platform at a time. But, Uplisting is able to do this task with ease. Multiple accounts of iCal booking sites, including VRBO, and TripAdvisor, can be connected with it.


Uplisting Coupon and Pricing

The Owner/Manager plan of this solution is available for only USD 50 per month. It is capable of working with 5 different properties. For every additional property listing, it will charge an additional USD 10 excluding the coupon. You will be able to handle maximum 3 Airbnb accounts with the Owner/Manager plan. The Property Manager License can be bought by paying only USD 100 per month. This one is suitable for working with more than 10 properties. You will be able to handle unlimited Airbnb and other accounts with it. An advanced reporting facility has made it more useful. The Uplisting Enterprise License is for dealing with more than 150 properties. It supports a dedicated account manager. You have to contact with the team of this solution to know about its pricing.

Advanced Synchronization

More bookings and more revenue are related. But, double booking will not bring more revenue. That means, a synchronization is necessary for on various platforms. There is no need to sync these data manually after purchasing Uplisting. This advanced solution can integrate Airbnb and Booking.com very efficiently. Whenever you will change your rate, this solution changes that rate on both those platforms. Similarly, it will also sync the availability data instantly. Actually, it syncs the rates and availabilities in every minute. For this reason, there will be no chance of double bookings. Sometimes, multiple listings are required for the same property. In those cases, Uplisting is very useful.

Therefore, please grab the awesome short term rental software to save time with our discount. For any inquiry on the Uplisting coupon, contact us.