Unito.io Discount: Grab Brilliant Coupon and Pricing

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Get attractive 10% cash back as Unito discount. This offer applies to both monthly and yearly subscription of Personal, Team and Business plan.

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Unito.io Discount

We face some common workflow problem while working in a team. For this reason, it is very important to use a teamwork collaboration solution. Unito is a reliable name for this task. It comes with some tremendous features and facilities.

A Quick Review of Unito

A team may have several members. Different members may use different tools. Sometimes, we need to use multiple project management tools at a time. Using all these tools is not the only important task. The most important task is to collaborate these tools nicely. You cannot do this task easily without taking any help from any collaboration tool. But, the problem is an ordinary collaboration tool cannot perform as per necessity. That is why, we recommend picking the Unito. This solution is capable of dealing with so many project management software and tools. That is why, you can handle a team of any size with this solution. Enjoy all the exclusive features of Unito with our discount. Simply follow the instructions given in the aforementioned image and grab the Unito coupon easily. Here are some of its main features and benefits:

Supports Many Tools

Unito is able to deal with so many project management tools. Some of these tools are Asana, Wrike, Jira, Trello, BaseCamp, and Planner. This tool will save at least 8 hours per week for the project management. It automatically collects the requests and resources from different tools. Then, you will be able to access all those resources from one place. Unito is an excellent tool to create a connection among various teams. No matter how many members these teams have, it will help to connect them.


Multi-Sync Facility

Some new features have made this solution more effective. One of these features is the multi-sync capability. Most of the similar tools are able to deal with only one project at a time. But, Unito is able to sync multiple projects at the same time. For this reason, it is faster and more efficient. Similarly, this solution has multiple sync options too. For example, you can use this for a both-way sync or one-way sync between two projects.

Unito Discount and Impressive Pricing

Different types of licenses are available for the Unito.io. One of these licenses it the Personal Plan. This one will help you to collaborate different tools that are used for handing a project. It also supports 10 different users. As per 24 November 2018, it is available for only $10/month without the discount. Compared to this one, the Team License is more powerful. It can be enjoyed by costing only $39/month. It supports 15 synced projects and 20 active users at a time. That means, this one is suitable for handling a standard team. Unito.io has a Business License as well. This one supports 50 active users and 40 synced projects. To grab this one, you have to pay only 125 USD/month. The live sync facility has made this license a more attractive one.

Therefore, please use our coupon to get the product for syncing project management tools at a cheaper price. We hope, the Unito discount will be enjoyed by you.