UniTel Voice Discount: Get Coupon and Pricing for Virtual Phone

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Avail UniTel Voice discount as 15% cash back. The 15% offer applies for any UniTel plan: Starter, Plus, Pro or Unlimited.

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UniTel Voice discount

Customer calls should be received and answered every time. But, it is not possible with an ordinary number. Rather, you should use a business number to offer such facilities. UniTel Voice comes with that facility.

A Small Review of UniTel Voice

Generally, every company offers only one number for their customers. Customers will be able to make phone calls to that number 24/7. And, their calls must be received every time. After that, the automated system asks for their problems and forward their calls to respective call managers. Sometimes, this system sends an automated feedback too. All these tasks can be done by a special business call system. UniTel Voice is one of the most reliable systems. If you liked the review of the amazing virtual phone facility, then please purchase the software with our coupon. We hope you will enjoy the UniTel Voice discount.

Easily Add Number

An ordinary number is not suitable for taking business calls. You have to use a business phone number in doing so. This task can easily be done by using UniTel Voice. There is no need to use a separate phone for this task. Rather, this virtual phone system will give an additional number that can be used with any phone. That means, you will be allowed to use this number for any of your office, home, and personal cell phones. So, your customers and clients will be able to contact anytime.

More importantly, you will be allowed to make outbound calls by using that business number. UniTel Voice will help to receive calls from every customer with greetings. There is no need to use its default greeting. You can easily set a custom greeting with ease. Similarly, call forwarding, sending voicemails, and other things can also be done by using this solution.

UniTel Voice

Useful Team Extension

Most of the companies have multiple support managers to provide customer service facilities. You may need to create such a team also. Similarly, it can be necessary to have separate call center managers from different departments. For example, different customer managers can be employed from sales, support, and technical departments. That is why, UniTel Voice comes with a useful extension. You just have to allow different team members to use this extension. Customers and clients may send faxes and voicemails. Whenever, a new fax or voicemail will arrive, this solution will give email and in-app notifications.

UniTel Voice Discount and Pricing

Four amazing plans are available for UniTel Voice. The Starter License supports 500 minutes per month. You have to pay only $9.99 per month to grab this one. The Plus Plan is available for only $19.99 per month. This license supports 1500 minutes in every month. Similarly, Pro License of this business phone system can be bought by paying only 29.99 USD per month without any promo code. And, it comes with 3000 monthly minutes. UniTel Voice can be enjoyed by paying only 69.99 USD per month. It provides unlimited minutes in every month. That means, this license is suitable for unlimited large organizations.

Therefore, grab the latest software to get a local number and run business with a free phone call with our discount. If you have any query about this amazing UniTel Voice coupon, then please contact with us.